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Content Scaling: Tips To Explode Your Digital Marketing Footprint

Discover how you can create a content scaling strategy without significant financial overhead.

What is Content Scaling

Successful businesses constantly strive for quality content on their websites, and because of this, keeping up with content demand can seem like a challenging task.  This is where scaling your content comes into play.  

Content scaling (often referred to as scaling marketing) is often misunderstood as merely producing a large volume of content.  However, content scaling actually includes new creation and refreshing or repurposing existing content, while optimizing every part of your content to increase its organic reach.  Overall, the objective is to create diverse content that showcases you as an authority in your space.

Content scaling aims to reach more customers and leads without heavily increasing the investment in your website’s content. Efficient production and high quality are essential elements of scaling your content.


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Tips for Scaling your Content

Repurposing Existing Content

By reviewing past content, a business may identify pieces that can be updated and repurposed for present-day trends.  The goal is to reuse the content somewhere else with minimal effort from you or your team.

As you repurpose your content, there are numerous ways to use it.  This can include:

  • Turning into a YouTube Video
  • Creating an infographic
  • Developing an E-book
  • Repositioning or updating content with a fresh perspective
  • And much more

Find Experts in Your Field

If you want to expand your content team, look no further than experts within your field.  Remember, your team doesn’t always need to be in-house employees.  

If you are active in within your industry, you will likely know experts or influencers within your niche.  Reach out, and see if they have interest in producing content for your brand. 

This is an easy way to generate additional content for your website.  As the website owner, you receive relevant content for your online marketing needs, and the author also gets his or her name shared as a credible source.

Outsource Specific Parts of the Creation Process

If your team is limited, outsourcing work can be a beneficial option.  It can be challenging to scale content creation if you only have a few select employees who write, edit, and publish pieces. 

However, you may only need additional help in a few parts of your content creation process.  This could include:

Use Templates for Quicker Scaling

Templates are the most significant and time-efficient aid for content scaling. Your website benefits from utilizing templates to organize new and existing content within a structure that meets your needs.

For example, if you have a template for a product service page, simply drop your new content into your template, rather than creating a new page.

Always Have a Content Calendar

A content calendar helps you keep track of the topics you plan to write, who will write them, and when to publish them.  The calendar also monitors the development of each piece, the author, keyword focus, and notes.

Not to mention, the calendar ensures your content is focused on pre-selected, high quality topics, while providing your team with the status of each piece.  This means you can avoid impromptu content creation that has little thought or research, keeping your content strategy aligned with proper scaling.

Overall, the content calendar will help your team understand the workflow of each content project, as well as individual responsibilities and deadlines.

Online Tools to Help Scale 

If your team can’t communicate in real time during the creative process, you can experience slower content creation and lower quality of work.

However, utilizing online tools can help you share content with your team, upload your CMS, and take control of the content process.  Some of these online tools include:

  • Google Docs – Google allows you to write, edit, and collaborate using online documents in real time.  You can easily share these with others, track changes, and add comments.
  • Wordable – This software allows you to upload Google Doc drafts to WordPress, fully formatted.  Wordable cleans up your document, making it publish-ready.
  • Frase – An AI-powered tool that identifies your audience’s questions and helps you answer them.


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Experts Within Your Company

While there is nothing wrong with receiving posts from freelancers and influencers to help with your content needs, you should first look within your team for experts who can help expand your content creation needs.

This practice is increasingly common and represents a positive way to add even more authority to your site.

If your company has experts in particular areas, this can be an opportunity to expand your SEO benefits.

The E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) attribute is one of the best practices recommended by Google.  E-A-T determines whether a website and its pages are credible sources of information about a specific subject that provides real value for its users.

We can observe from search engine results that better rankings occur when content is written by an expert within the field.

However, when incorporating your employees into content creation, you must train them to deliver excellent material.  

These tips will quickly help you incorporate content scaling into your strategy.  Without a doubt, scaling marketing requires a committed approach with a long-term outlook.  If done correctly, it can expand your online marketing plan to reach more audiences and increase sales.

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