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5 Content Writing Service Myths – Debunked!

There are a lot of content marketing myths out there that need addressing. This article aims to debunk those myths and provide a little more clarity.

If you’re considering using a content writing service to produce articles and other copy for your business, chances are you’ve come across certain content marketing myths.

As we all know, the internet is a place where there’s no shortage of fake news and strong opinions! Great though it is that people have a platform to easily share their thoughts, it doesn’t take much for those strong opinions to morph – sometimes unfairly – into conventional wisdom.

This article looks at five oft-heard content writing myths and tackles them head on. It’s especially relevant if you feel nervous about the work you may receive if you choose to hire a content writing service. In reality, plenty of companies of all types and sizes use such services to generate content they’re more than happy with.

So, let’s look at each of the content marketing myths in turn. We’ll consider where they may have originated and why they could be wrong.

MYTH 1: Content Service Writing Is Poor Quality

Just because a company specializes in producing content in bulk, doesn’t mean that content is poor quality.

In fact, professional content services usually work with their clients to help them define their exact standards and requirements. These can relate to the style or voice of the content, the inclusion of certain words and phrases for SEO purposes or adherence to company-specific style guides.

As content service writers are well-used to working with such guidelines, they are typically very experienced in shaping their writing to each client’s varying requirements. Also, thanks to rating systems, the better writers consistently rise to the top. This allow clients to work with writers who’ve already proven their capabilities.

MYTH 2: Content Service Writers Are Inexperienced

It is true to say that plenty of novice writers gain early experience writing for content writing services. However, stringent entry requirements mean that they still have to prove themselves before they’re let loose on client work.

Of all the content marketing myths, this is one of the easiest to debunk. Not only do good content writing services vet their writers, but they also attract plenty of people who are far from “amateur-level.” For example, highly experienced writers often do work for content services to top off their income or fill gaps in their schedule. A “novice” writer could be someone with decades of professional experience who’s decided to make a career change.

It’s definitely unwise to stereotype the kind of people who work for content writing services. They come from every imaginable background.

MYTH 3: You Don’t Find Subject Specialists at Content Services

The next of our content marketing myths leads on nicely from the one above. Just as writers come from all walks of life, they also come from all kinds of professional backgrounds. And with such a large pool of potential writers, it’s far from unusual to find writers who specialize in your content area. They may even have years of experience in your niche.

You will also generally find that such experts naturally find their way to you. The reality is that it’s easier and quicker for people to write about subjects they’re already familiar with. For instance, if a writer with online security experience has the option of grabbing an article on antivirus products or one on gardening, it’s pretty obvious which they’ll go for!

MYTH 4: You Never Get the Same Writer

This myth is particularly inaccurate, as most professional content writing services provide mechanisms to allow you to select favorite writers. In many cases you can send orders directly to them.

Once you’ve found a writer who fits with your desired style and works well around your guidelines, you don’t even need to put your articles out to a pool of people. You can just work with a writer you know and trust.

MYTH 5: Content Service Articles Aren’t Unique

Plagiarism is taken very seriously across the writing industry. While some budget freelancers and sketchy services may try to get away with copying content, they get found out very quickly. No writer found guilty of plagiarism will last long on any platform.

If in any doubt, you can always use an online plagiarism checker to be sure your content is completely unique. But, in reality, this is just another one of those content writing myths. The days when people thought they could get away with copied or poorly spun articles are long gone.

Thank you to Ben Taylor for this contribution. Ben is the owner of – an advice site for home workers and freelancers. He also mentors writers and bloggers at

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Cynthia M Thomas 5. August 2019 - 0:59

Can sample submissions to Textbroker be articles used in content magazines? For example, if Cat Magazine wants an article about cats traveling in cars may that be submitted to receive a star rating from your company?


corteznapue 6. August 2019 - 20:00

Hello! All samples need to be 100% unique and written by you. You are not able to submit a sample that has already been published.


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