Word Count

Counting Words at Textbroker

Rules on how we count words written by our authors

This page explains how we count the content our authors submit when writing an order through the Textbroker platform. Please note: Textbroker may count words differently than other processors, sites or software.

  1. Minimum word length is one letter[1]. It must contain at least one of the following characters:
    1. a-z
    2. A-Z
    3. 0-9
    4. Latin characters with attachments (e.g. å - ž)
    5. Greek alphabet (e.g. α - Ω)
    6. Letter like symbols (e.g. ℛ, ℓ, ℊ)
    7. Special chars:









  1. Other characters are only counted as a word if they contain one of the above mentioned characters. E.g.
    1. # does not count
    2. does count
    3. #word does count
  1. Words are counted separately if separated by special characters not mentioned above like
    1. space
    2. underscore
    3. Hashtag
    4.  !"§$/()= and so on
    5. or any combination of those (e.g. check-in counts as one word, but my_file counts as two words. 1,000,000 is only one word.)
  1. The Full Stop has a special situation.  It doesn't count as a word but also doesn't work as a separator. This means words that contain a dot/full stop are only counted as one word, e.g. 1.000.000 counts as one word. Exception: words that resembles a filename, like my_file.txt would only count as one word however, from 3b, it would be counted as two words as the underscore is a separator.
  1. HTML Tags are counted, but only if they are defined
    1. List of defined tags

i.<h1> - <h6>,







viii.and their closing counterparts (</h1>,</p>,…)

  1. Important: Defined HTML Tags can contain multiple words.

i.<p> does count as 1 word

ii.<p word> does count as 2 words

iii.<a href="#"> does not count (as a is not defined in our system)


[1] There is no upper limit on how long a single word can be.