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You probably follow at least one brand online that seems to put out fresh content all the time. Most marketers post between one and six times a week on social media alone. That’s not counting blogs, videos and other website content. How do these marketers keep up with such high content demands? The answer lies in using scalable content.

What Exactly Is Scalable Content?


Finding the right content for your enterprise’s website might seem like a challenge. That’s why you need a strong content plan that includes scalable content. At heart, scalable content is flexible content. It can be adjusted on a moment’s notice to include more–or less–content. This content is based on well-written, rich source material that can be used time and again to create new content. A scalable content strategy uses an established workflow to turn the resources and data you already have into the content you need.

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Why Should You Create Scalable Content?

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Like many marketing strategies, scalable content requires an initial investment of time. If you don’t have an internal writing team, you’ll also need to invest capital in scalable content. Don’t get distracted by the time and money costs, though. Scalable content contributes to the overall success of your online marketing strategy.

It is a powerful way to:

  • Achieve better search engine rankings

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Increase sales conversions

  • Create visibility for your brand

  • Establish your brand as an expert voice

  • Build prestige with existing customers


Audits Are Critical To Create Scalable Content

The first step in creating an effective scalable content strategy is completing a thorough content audit. A content audit involves taking inventory of all the content that you currently have as well as identifying content gaps that need to be filled.

If you haven’t completed a content audit in the last quarter, take some time to sit down and:

  • Make a list of every piece of content you currently own

  • Note where each piece of content is used

  • Record any metrics you have for each piece of content (such as page hits)

  • Make a list of any content pieces you know you need but don’t have yet

Your audit will help you identify the source materials you can use for content creation and the areas where you need to fill in content right now.

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How To Create Personas To Drive Bulk Content


Using consistent writing practices is key to a successful content scaling strategy. All of the content coming from your brand needs to have the same voice. The right style helps your customers connect with your content and builds brand confidence. That doesn’t mean you only have to work with one writer, though. You do need a style guide that defines brand expectations and buyer personas. You’ll send agencies and writers who you work with this guide as well as a detailed job brief.

Buyer personas describe the characteristics of the people who tend to buy your products. They include demographic information such as gender, age and education level. Your buyer personas should also explain why your target demographic is interested in your products and list some questions they tend to ask about your brand. Using buyer personas helps align your sales goals with the audience you need to reach. Writers will use these personas to target content to your potential buyers.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to creating scalable content, take some time to think about the types of marketing initiatives you’d like to launch. Knowing what initiatives you need content for will help you shape your strategy. Of course, it’s also a great way to get insight into where your content sources are lacking. These six initiatives are a great starting place for B2B marketers who want to get high ROI out of scalable content.


SEO Drives

Strengthening your SEO efforts to improve website rankings, visits and sales conversions should be a goal of any content campaign. Using scalable content is a great way to drive SEO results. As you create scalable content, you can fill in any keyword gaps that are preventing your site from getting the highest ranking possible. Remember that posting a variety of unique, high-quality content is essential to boosting SEO efforts. Scaling content is particularly helpful if you need to promote the same few products or services all the time. Creating diverse content via a scalable strategy helps keep your content fresh no matter how repetitive the subject may get.



Statistics show that businesses that utilized blogs get twice as much email traffic as businesses that don’t. In terms of creating scalable content, blogs have big potential because much of the content you already have can likely be used as source material. Imagine you work for a software company that has already published a white paper detailing seven benefits of your program for small businesses. An author can turn that white paper into a series of seven blog posts. Remaking long content into a series of smaller pieces is an effective strategy for B2B marketers who are trying to reach busy professionals.


Social Media Campaigns

Running a successful social media campaign can be time-consuming. Juggling profiles on multiple social media channels can be difficult. Thankfully, you can create unique content for each channel by drawing on your existing resources. Social media is a great place to start a conversation about a new blog series or share an infographic with your followers. You can break complex information found in white papers and reports into sharable chunks. A scalable content strategy lets you link the bite-size info you provide on social media profiles to in-depth blogs, articles and reports on your main website.


Email Campaigns.

Too many B2B email campaigns are simply boring restatements of blogs and articles that buyers can already find on the seller’s website. As you design a scalable content strategy, look for novel ways to repurpose your resources for an email marketing campaign. Imagine your clothing company has just published a blog series on the attributes of a recognizable employee uniform. Instead of rewriting the series as an email, you could create an email that builds interest in the series by explaining why recognizable employee uniforms are important with a call to action to visit your blog to learn more.


Videos, Photos, And Infographics

Videos, photos and infographics drawn from your source materials are some of the easiest, most sharable types of content you can scale. Remember the blog series your clothing company published? You can easily turn that same series into a video that shows your designers at work, photos that illustrate what a great uniform looks like and an infographic that helps the buyer better understand the uniform design process. These forms of content are inherently sharable, which means that the customers who already follow you can easily recommend your company to their associates too.


Influencer Marketing Campaigns

White papers are formal, text-rich documents, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include images. Choose graphics that illustrate your point or provide a detailed view of a product. You can also include graphs and charts that support the information in your white paper.

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Our advantages include:

  • Total scalability

  • A pay-per-word structure with no fixed costs

  • A wide variety of writers from different industries and knowledge areas

  • Writer search tools that allow you to filter authors by skills, training, education

  • No startup paperwork

  • Unique content available in 36 languages as well as translations to every language in the world

  • user-friendly interface for finding authors and placing orders

  • Automatic duplicate content check


Scalable Content FAQ

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How long should my content be in order to be considered scalable?

There is no one answer to this question. The length of any content will depend on factors such as the content type (blog post, white paper, case study, product description, etc.), the subject matter and the number of keywords being incorporated. In order for content to be scalable, there’s really no limit to how long or short it should be. Take a long-form content piece such as an e-book and break it up into easily digestible short videos that are part of a bigger series. Turn an infographic about using your product into a full how-to guide that you can post on your blog.


What is a content pipeline?

A content pipeline is an easy way to visualize your content strategy and content production process. The pipeline typically starts with customer personas that help you determine relevant topic areas for individual content pieces. After target audience and topics, the people who actually create your content are next in the pipeline, whether those people are internal writers on your team, staff members of an agency or authors from Textbroker. As the content is written, you’ll need to establish a regular publishing schedule; this is the next step in your content pipeline. As you continue to cycle through this pipeline, take time to assess what’s working at each step, what might be improved upon or how successful the results of your efforts are.

Can I recycle or repurpose content?

Scalable content is all about working smarter, not necessarily harder. A great way to do this is through recycled or repurposed content. In order to get the biggest return on your investment, incorporate existing content as well as content that can be expanded upon into your content strategy. What content do you already have on your website that can be updated or given a fresh new take? What new topics can you address in several content pieces spread out over multiple weeks or turn into completely different content types (white papers, infographics, videos, etc.)? These are things to consider before writing everything from scratch.

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