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Deadline Now Available

As part of our ongoing attempt to make our platform easier for both our clients and authors, we’ve released a new feature. Clients can now set a deadline for an order. This allows clients to easily and clearly communicate with authors when they need an order returned to them.

Important things to note:

  • The option is now available on all orders but is not a default setting. Therefore, not all orders will have deadlines. You must turn the feature on to activate it.
  • Using the deadline function does not guarantee that an order will be completed.
  • If an order is not written by the deadline, it is removed from the order pool and will be returned to the client account where you can update, reassign or delete as necessary.
  • Processing times can differ from deadlines. Authors should check both the processing time to see how long they have to write the order once they pick it up and the deadline to see when the order will be removed if it is not written. Whichever is shorter will take precedence.
  • Orders that have been sent for revision will have the deadline paused for 24 hours to give authors a chance to make the changes. After the revisions are made or the order aborted, the deadline will again be live.
  • If the deadline is short, we recommend using very clear instructions and a bonus, which may ensure that the order gets written correctly and on time. Because we are a freelance platform, authors are not required to pick up orders. Make sure all deadlines are realistic to the content being requested for the best results.
  • All deadlines are in Eastern time zone.

A deadline is not required for an order. If you would like to set a deadline for your order:

  • Open your order (or create a new order) and click to expand the Advanced SEO and Deadline Options.
  • Check the Deadline box on the right-hand side of the order form.
  • Set the correct date and time for the deadline. (The minimum is 2 hours from the time the order is placed.)
  • Finish placing your order as normal.

There are multiple ways to view a deadline. To find the deadline for an order:

  • Check the deadline column in the order queue. (Example: < 3 hours)
  • After clicking on an order to preview, you’ll find rows that state the exact day and time when the order is due as well as a time left counter to show how long is remaining on the order.
  • Once you’ve chosen an order, the same deadline and time left rows appear with the order instructions on the submission page.
  • If nothing appears in these columns or rows, there is no deadline for the order. However, processing times will still apply as usual.

If you have questions about the deadline feature or anything else on our platform, please contact our Client or Author Services departments.

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