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I Was Demoted – Now What?

To get your rating back up to where it was, you’ll need to focus on two critical elements: when will your next rating take place, and what will you be assessed on?

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Textbroker Author Management Coordinator

An important part of any job is maintaining the quality of your work. Freelancers get to enjoy the freedom of being their own bosses, choosing their employers and assignments, and setting their own goals. Textbroker works with tens of thousands of freelance writers in the US, and because we promise our clients consistent quality standards, we created the rating system to help us communicate with our authors about the quality of their work while ensuring our customers get what they pay for. The Textbroker rating system helps us ensure consistent quality for clients who have different standards and expectations.

Ratings by our quality assurance editors will show up on your author account periodically. If our team notices a significant change in the quality of writing you are submitting to clients, you may notice a rating change. If your rating is lowered, you’ll find that some OpenOrders and TeamOrders aren’t available to you anymore. But don’t panic — ratings are not permanent!

To get your rating back up to where it was, you’ll need to focus on two critical elements: when will your next rating take place, and what will you be assessed on?


When will I be rated next?

All Textbroker ratings are performed by humans. However, with thousands of orders being submitted each day, it’s impossible for us to review every order that authors submit. In order to fairly determine which authors get rated and when, Textbroker uses an algorithm that checks incoming submissions. The most important step you can take to get your account re-rated is to write as much as you’re able. To keep ratings fair and make sure authors are evaluated periodically, the more you write, the more likely you are to be rated again soon.

What will I be evaluated on?

When trying to increase your Textbroker rating, you should keep our content quality standards in mind. We have several blog posts available on this topic. The easiest first step is to make sure you write all your content in a word processor with spelling and grammar checks like Microsoft Word or Libreoffice Writer. These can help you catch the simplest spelling and grammar mistakes easily to avoid being rated down for obvious errors, and they can help save you time proofreading.

Each star level has its own quality standards to keep in mind. If you’re trying to get promoted, look at the most common errors to avoid for each star level below:

  • 3 Stars: Avoid spelling and basic punctuation mistakes. These are the kinds of things that Microsoft Word can catch very easily and help you avoid.

  • 4 Stars: Avoid comma errors. Stay on topic and avoid filler. Each sentence should contribute new, useful information to the order.

  • 5 Stars: Write engaging, informative content. Always proofread thoroughly – 5-star content is meant to arrive to the client ready-to-publish, and even a few mistakes can cause big problems at this level.

Of course, all standards for each level apply to the levels above it as well. You should always proofread your work thoroughly and use tools to help you catch errors.

Utilizing Editor Feedback

Each rating will come with a few points of detailed feedback from our quality assurance editors. The editor reviewing your work will focus on the biggest issues first — these will be either the errors that put you at risk of being demoted, the repeated errors that led to your rating being lowered, or the errors holding you back from being promoted to the next star level.

To view editor feedback in your ratings, log into your author account and hover over “Assignments.” Click “statistics,” and then click “View details of latest rating” under the star icons indicating your current star level. You will be able to see feedback for all of your ratings and for each individual order in the rating. Some ratings may include up to three orders, so be sure to check feedback for each order.

We want you to succeed, and we have a wealth of content on improving your rating on the author blog. Be sure to check out the “Ratings” section for more tips.


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