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The Detrimental Dark Web

Hello Authors!
We wanted to take this opportunity to alert our authors on how detrimental Dark Web account sales can be for both us and you.

Hello Authors!
We wanted to take this opportunity to alert our authors on how detrimental Dark Web account sales can be for both us and you.

Violation of Terms of Service

The Textbroker Author Terms of Service states that the person using an author account must also be the person whose name the account is registered under. When Textbroker author accounts are sold, this puts both the buyer and seller in direct violation of the Terms of Service. With every fraudulent account sale, the number of unauthorized writers taking orders away from verified writers increases. 

Click here to read the Textbroker Terms of Service in its entirety.  

Available Work

This is an issue that affects all authors because a steady stream of work is an essential component of your earnings. When unverified authors gain access to orders, verified authors are left fighting for work. 


Orders written by unapproved authors often consist of low-quality content and plague the ratings queue, slowing down the ratings process for verified authors eager to improve their rating.

Tax Consequences

Additionally, when an account is sold to an unauthorized individual, the author whose name is on the account is still held responsible for the taxes owed on that account’s earnings. This presents a problem for the person whose account has been sold as well as for Textbroker. 

We are committed to combatting this behavior with a number of sophisticated tools. Your support and help is appreciated as well. If you come across any advertisements or forum posts that promote Textbroker accounts for sale, please report them to Author Services by emailing us at

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38362 3. February 2017 - 15:21

And the guy in the photo doesn't even look like a bad guy, just some poor schmuck pulled from his cubicle as his cereal gets soggy while the photo equipment is on the fritz.


674245 3. February 2017 - 22:50

Thanks to all who made comments here. I am too VERY frustrated by the lack of transperancy in the rating system. The live support staff is extremely cordial, but I still do not receive viable answers on why my work was rated a 3, when it clearly meets the specifications given to clients for a 4 star author. Puzzling. Dropped for a few minor comma errors that none are deemed errors on any of 4 quality grammar checkers, plus the dings also puzzled a local college English professor. Disappointed, because as others mention, the 3-star level is ultimately very unappealing. 


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