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Just 3 steps to your DirectOrder:

1: Select your Author

Using the author search, find the ideal author for your work. You can navigate to the author search by selecting the option “Authors” on your client page and choosing “Search Authors” on the DirectOrder creation page. In the search box, you’re able to look for writers according to your keywords and expertise requirements. The authors can include the following information in their profiles, so use these terms to guide your search.

  • Hobbies and interests
  • Subject knowledge
  • Profession, education and special qualifications
  • Languages the writer is proficient in

Using the “Advanced Options” function, you can make your search more specific, such as filtering the results according to star rating. You can also filter the results to only display the most recently active writers, which is a default setting, or you can extend the results to display all registered writers by deselecting the “Recently active” search option.

2: Place your order

Once you’ve found your ideal author, click on the option “Place a DirectOrder.” Alternatively, you’ll be able to select a writer you already know from your address book by choosing the option “From Address Book” under DirectOrder on the Create New Order page.

3: Create your instructions and get your article written

The final step is to select “General template” and create your order. Place your order in one of your projects and ensure it’s given a category too. Determine the word count, processing time and any SEO options you might need.

Then, create your instructions and a clear title. Once you’ve confirmed the order information, you’ll receive an overview of the DirectOrder that you can then send to your selected author. Provided your balance is sufficient for the order, the author will receive your order directly in their inbox to start writing.

Learn everything you need to know about DirectOrders in our Video Tutorial!