Textbroker WordPress Plug-In

Order and check your content directly from the comfort of your WordPress interface. No more copy-paste or trying to find that e-mail from your writer. Accepted items can automatically be published as a page or as a post.

Save time and manage your blog or site more efficiently. Leverage Textbroker’s built-in API to manage all aspects of the content process.

Place orders, review content, ask for a revision, reject, or accept orders straight from WordPress. You can be up and running in minutes - this video shows you how.

Here’s how to install the plug-in:

  • Download the plug-in (right) and save it
  • Log in to your WordPress Admin area
  • Click on Plugins -> Add New
  • Choose Upload
  • Find the file on your computer
  • Install now
  • Done!

To complete the integration, log in to Textbroker one last time. Go to Account -> Settings and turn the API on. You’ll see a new tab in your Textbroker account called API.

Click on this tab and click on “New Budget”. Enter a name and a password for the API Budget. Please ignore the CallbackURL input field. Enter the shown budget information into your WordPress Admin menu to finish the process.

Now you’re set to order, manage and publish all from the convenience of your WordPress account! We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.


Last Update: April 27, 2017

API Documentation

Optimal workflow and true efficiency: Implement Textbroker in your applications. 

Create and manage your orders directly via your CMS, blog or any other Internet application.  The Textbroker API automates access to the complete OpenOrder process:

  • Creating orders
  • Changing orders
  • Receiving order updates
  • Deleting orders
  • Reviewing completed orders
  • Requesting revisions
  • Rejecting orders

Textbroker’s API allows you to create an unlimited number of sub-accounts, or  Budgets, helping you distribute and manage your projects. You can grant access to  appropriate parties, whether employees or service providers, while keeping your  account information private.  Communication between Textbroker and your application is SSL-encrypted and protected by a unique password and Budget Key.  Create and publish your content efficiently, with just a few clicks, from your application - or automate the process completely. 

Software Developers

Are you a software developer? Integrate Textbroker in your Internet services and software solutions. The best projects, software or plug-ins – whether free or commercial – that use our API will be posted on Textbroker.de and Textbroker.com. Expose your work to more than 20,000 clients from the Internet, SEO, media, agency and publishing markets. 

API access is a click away. Log in to your client account. Under “Account – Settings,” click the API radio button. Please read the full documentation below (PDF) to get started.

Last Update: April 27, 2017