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  • E-books: Brief explanation
  • Advantages over printed books
  • Distribution and Publication of e-books
  • E-Books in the Corporate Communications
  • Conclusion


E-books: Brief explanation

An e-book is a book-length publication published in digital form. They are designed to be read on e-readers but are also readable on laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

Advantages over printed books

Electronic books have brought many changes for the book market and the consumption of books. In some respects, e-books are superior to their print predecessors. Specific benefits include:

  • Space savings and availability of many books at once
  • Inexpensive reproduction of a book
  • Easy sale
  • Low production costs open market to new authors
  • Extended functionality (audio, video, photo, message reader, bookmarks, notes, etc.), including through online connectivity (online encyclopedias) or additional software (dictionary)

Distribution and Publication of e-books

E-books are currently a growing market. In recent years, many large and small platforms have evolved to sell e-books commercially. Internet companies like Amazon, Apple and Google are joining a market previously occupied by traditional print publishers and bookstore chains like Barnes & Noble. Often, companies offer e-books in their own app stores but also through online stores and other sites.

The benefits of e-books – cost duplication, space-saving storage and easier sales – allow for simple and efficient distribution of text. Non-commercial e-books are distributed freely in public libraries and free e-book sites.

Authors now find it easier to publish their work without having to find a publisher. Various easy publishing websites, as well as social media channels, make it easier for authors to market themselves.

E-Books in the Corporate Communications

For businesses, digital books are an effective way to drive sales through advertising and marketing. Like white papers, e-books offer great reading information on business processes, new developments and industry education.


The e-book market is growing strongly and the technology of digital books offers many advantages over traditional print products. The development of e-books and e-readers has made digital content more accessible and easier to sell. Internet companies have gone head-to-head with traditional publishers to claim this space. Businesses have found new avenues for advertising and marketing using e-books.


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