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6 Tips to Increase Your Sales With eBay Descriptions

Are you ready to use eBay to boost sales? If so, now is the time to learn how to do that effectively through your product description. This short blurb is there to provide potential customers with the information they need. Still, you can use it to your advantage.

How to Write a Product Description for eBay

Before you can create an excellent product description to use on eBay, you’ve got to know what components you need. Below, we talk about six things to include within your description to ensure your readers get the information they need and the details that will motivate them to buy.

Consider these six guidelines for writing eBay descriptions:

1. Use Keywords

When a customer searches for a product to buy on eBay, they see results based on the words that are found in the listings. The search engine for eBay is called Cassini. It uses keywords to show people the products that closely match the terms they use in the search.

This is quite similar to Google. The products appearing on that first page of search results are going to get more views and clicks. Therefore, if you want your products to get more exposure, you need to use relevant keywords in each product description you write. Using the right ones will give you a better chance of getting on that first page of results and, in turn, boost your chances of making a sale.

Before you can add keywords to a product description on eBay, it’s important to create a list of them that can be used. In a sense, this is a stockpile of words that you can utilize while filling in the template for your descriptions. Make sure to organize your keywords by segmenting them into appropriate categories. For example, if you happen to sell sporting goods on eBay, you can use categories, such as cardio. treadmills, tennis equipment, etc.

You are going to find that eBay has its own categories, which can be your starting point. This way, the keywords you use fit how the company groups its products.

You’ve also got to ensure that you’re using the right keywords. Make sure that you check out the competition to see what their listings look like and consider something similar.

It’s best to choose up to three keywords/phrases for the listing title. Select the most important ones and put them at the beginning of your title. Then, add keywords to the description itself. Consider putting one in the first sentence and use three or four naturally throughout the description.

2. Make It Easy to Skim and Read

The eBay item description has to be easy to follow and read. You can use longtail keywords (longer than three words), but the description has to be engaging and accessible to a variety of readers. If it isn’t, shoppers are going to go elsewhere.

Make sure you’re using short paragraphs and sentences as well as clear language. Lists can be helpful, and a streamlined layout is important. Provide all of the most useful information at the start where people are most likely to skim. Then, you can convert interest into sales by giving more info later

3. Keep It Short

Right now, the eBay product description word limit is 4,000 characters (including spaces). This does vary with words. However, you don’t want it to be excessively long, or people aren’t going to read it. Though you can have many words, eBay does shorten descriptions at 250 characters. Often, you are going to go over that – up to 800 to 1,000 characters. However, the most relevant and attention-grabbing information needs to be within those first few lines.

Learning what to write in an eBay description is also important. It’s important to include specifics about the item, such as style, color, type, size, and branding. You must make sure that the description is unique and factual as well. It’s nice to add more keywords, but not for the sake of getting clicks. The info you provide should be truthful and related to the item you’re selling.

4. List Product Benefits at the Top

Focus on the most significant advantages for the customer when creating a product description. This is the best way to get their attention because you’re focusing on the things they care about. That can also help you convert people who already want to buy something to actual customers. They immediately know your products fit their needs.

Most customers read what’s toward the top of the description, so it’s best to have the most keywords and benefits here. Then, you can back up those claims with other information in the rest of the content. Product features can come later as these are secondary. Then, you’ve got the rest of the information, which is essential to know but not necessarily going to “sell” the product for you. Details might include product guarantees and return policies. These probably won’t sway the decision of the customer, but they can still encourage sales.

5. Include Images

include photos

Most people learn visually, which means they can understand a picture better than text. Therefore, you should include images in your eBay descriptions. This is going to ensure that you’re telling a story and convincing people that your product is best for them.

Consider using pictures to break up some of the text. You probably want two or three photos, if possible. This allows you to showcase your products creatively. While product galleries show the items at various angles, the description can show someone using it. Size charts can also be images.

Of course, you need to know how to add photos to eBay descriptions. First, add the images to a hosting service. When they’re uploaded there, you’ll be provided an HTML code. You can insert this code into your eBay listing.

Make sure that the host you use provides you with the HTML codes. That way, you can avoid another step. Also remember to use quality images that clearly illustrate what you’re trying to show your audience.

6. Create an eBay Description Template

It’s best if you can create a description for each product using a specific template. When you’ve got a formula to follow, it’s easier to ensure that each description is similar, and it’ll save you time. Make sure that you talk about the benefits and value for the customer. Focus on the point of the description, get there quickly, and end fast. Include your return policy as well, which can be the same for each description.

Tools for eBay Descriptions

You may find it challenging to write all of your descriptions, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of them. Consider using an eBay description generator and other helpful eBay tools, such as:

  • Crazylister:
    Add and edit your listings in bulk.
  • Sellbrite:
    Integrate and sync easily with other sales channels, such as Amazon, Etsy or Shopify.
  • 3D Sellers:
    All-in-one solution with a range of automated eBay seller tools.
  • Optiseller:
    Ecommerce data analytics platform to improve the quality of your listings.

When you use an eBay description builder, you can edit multiple listings at the same time and create a variety of bulk listings. Then, it’s much easier to change things and add them to various marketplaces.

Using an eBay product description tool enables you to streamline the repetitiveness of creating each description. You may want to make changes and should always edit and proofread. However, when you use an eBay product description scraper, you can get the basics down fast.


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eBay Descriptions FAQ

We understand that you may have a few questions about eBay descriptions that haven’t been covered. These are what many people wonder, which can save you the trouble of searching for the answers yourself.

Can I Put Links to Amazon in eBay Descriptions?

No, it is not possible to add Amazon links to your eBay product descriptions. There are some exceptions to the rule, but eBay doesn’t allow you to send customers to other websites. It’s bad for business. Likewise, you cannot include offers to sell your items outside of eBay.

In a sense, the only links you can have are to other pages on eBay, such as eBay items, store pages, eBay messages, and more. You can include product video links as well.

Can I Use Another Person’s Description on eBay?

This is a tricky question because the answer is yes and no. It is safe to use certain information from another description. This includes weight, measurements, and other necessary specifications that describe the item. Usually, you can’t use any other method of saying what you need to say.

However, you shouldn’t copy text, such as the benefits, features, and more, from someone else’s description. It might be helpful to use a free plagiarism tool, such as the plagiarism checker by Grammarly. That way, you know that your content hasn’t been used anywhere else on eBay or the internet.

The same rule applies to images. These should be solely yours and not copyrighted. For example, you can take a picture of a shirt at your home and put it on eBay. However, you cannot go to the original seller’s website and use that same shirt image. Buyers are going to see this and wonder.

Can I Use the Copy of My Product Page as an eBay Description?

Can I Use the Copy of My Product Page as an eBay Description?
In short, no, you cannot use a copy of your product’s page for your eBay description. This is considered copyright infringement, even if you own the website from which the information is taken.

Therefore, it is best to rewrite the descriptions so that they are fresh and aren’t found anywhere else on the internet. Google can crawl eBay and might ding your website and your listing if they are the same. Of course, you can use similar phrases to convey the same meanings. However, the text and images must be different.

How Should eBay Descriptions Be Formatted?

Formatting is essential for eBay descriptions if you want them to look good and be easy to read. Plus, it’s a way to customize the eBay product description. Make sure you are on the product’s page and can enter the description. Generally, there is a default product description on eBay that can be easily edited.

On this page, you should scroll to the point on the page that says “describe the item…” Here, you’ll see a variety of ways to format your text, such as changing the font size and style, adding italics and bold text, inserting numbers and bullets, and much more.

Type your description into the box using short sentences and paragraphs. Consider adding bullet points to make things pop even more. It’s also possible to add a link here from the “create links” option. This is a step-by-step guide to creating a link to another product or something similar. Remember, there are specific eBay product description rules about when and how you can add links, so be careful.

In the standard section, you just type whatever you want to say into the box.

Should I Use HTML in My eBay Descriptions?

In your eBay description, there is also an option for HTML. In this box, you have to use the proper HTML tags to get everything aligned properly. This is also needed for bullets, font changes, and the like.

The option to use HTML is yours alone. You need a basic understanding of coding to do it properly. If you already know what to do, it’s a great way to make the description unique and easy to scan.

Boost Your Online Sales With eBay Descriptions

It’s important to ensure that your eBay description is engaging and short and focuses on the customer. Of course, eBay is one of the most popular online sales platforms out there. To use it effectively, though, you must have a quality product description. Keep these tips in mind as you start crafting your own descriptions.


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