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6 Effective Strategies for Content Promotion

Creating content is a key part of having a business website, a blog or any other online presence. While it is incredibly important to create meaningful, interesting content, it won't be effective until people find and enjoy that content. There are a number of ways to promote content, but these six strategies stand out as some of the most successful ways to get more eyes on your content.

Effective content promotion


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1. Spread Content Through Email Marketing

One of the most effective methods of promoting content to a receptive audience is to utilize your email list. Your email list should include current customers or subscribers as well as those who have signed up to receive periodic emails from your company. While you can create brand-new content or messaging to share with this audience, you can also share existing content. After all, many of your subscribers won’t have been to your blog recently or seen your latest social media updates. You can repurpose video or image content within the email or share snippets of a blog post and then include a link to the full article. If you haven’t built up an email marketing list yet, that’s something you should begin on right away. Just be wary of spamming your audience, and keep emails to a schedule that won’t overwhelm subscribers.

2. Try Guest Posting

To promote your content to a wider audience, you need to reach out to new contacts. One way to reach a new readership base with common interests is through guest posting. Consider writing content for another blog or website. Ideally, you should choose a topic you’re already knowledgeable about and that relates to your own brand. Then, you can include a hyperlink back to your blog or social media profiles for people who might like to learn more. Another alternative is to allow others to write guest posts for your website. This provides you with free content, and it also means the guest poster is likely to share your website with their audience. In each example, you widen your audience and create a reciprocal relationship in which both parties benefit.

3. Post Content on Social Media More Than Once

It is incredibly common to share content on social media. In fact, that’s the number one technique for promoting all types of content. Whether you’ve taken incredible photos, put together a great infographic or written a spectacular blog post, sharing it on social media is strongly recommended. However, many businesses only post content once for fear of inundating their audience. In reality, only a small percentage of your audience will see your content at any given time. Posting more than once can reach a bigger audience and increase traffic to your site. On Twitter, you might share the same link but use different captions each time. Or, you could post to Facebook using different pictures with each subsequent post. You can schedule these posts in advance to minimize effort but maximize clicks.

4. Make It Easy for Readers to Share Your Content

Imagine that 1,000 people read your content. Congratulations! While that is a success in and of itself, that number can grow exponentially with a few subtle additions to the website page. Buttons for sharing on networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest are especially popular, and they allow for sharing in seconds. If 100 enthusiastic readers, each with upwards of 150 of their own friends and followers, were to share your content through these buttons, you could potentially reach an audience of over 15,000. That’s well worth the effort of installing buttons on each post! It is crucial to give readers an easy way to share your content.

5. Use Targeted Search Engine or Social Media Advertisements

While there are many free ways to promote content, sometimes it makes sense to spend money on distribution. If you have a particularly successful piece of content, for example, paying to advertise it to a targeted audience on social media may be beneficial. Alternatively, you could use Google Ads and sponsor certain posts to appear in relevant search engine results pages. The key when paying for ads is to target your audience and customize who will see your content. On platforms like Facebook, you can create a specific audience for every advertising campaign. You can highlight people who live in a certain geographic area, or you can target individuals who have existing interests within your industry. This allows your budget to be used most effectively toward readers who will appreciate your content and your business.

6. Tag, Mention or Inform Influencers and Relevant Industry Leaders

Influencers are individuals in specific industries who have a lot of influence over their audience’s purchasing power. If you have a website in the nutrition space, for example, an influencer might be a dietician with a hugely successful blog or even a healthy runner with an enormous Instagram following. If you tag or mention influencers and industry leaders when you share specific types of content, they may share that content with their audience. You can also direct message or email these individuals to let them know about your newly released content and why it might pertain to them. Just be sure not to abuse this, as you don’t want to develop a reputation for spamming these influential leaders within your industry.

While creating great content is key, that’s just the beginning of the process. You’ll also need to utilize some of these effective strategies for promoting that content and growing your audience.

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