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If you’re in the world of online commerce, then you know that a product description can make or break a potential sale. There is a common misconception that describing products is a minor task, but it can be incredibly important. A great description can bring traffic to your website, tempt people into learning more and ultimately be the deciding factor between a purchase or moving on to a competitor. Take a closer look at the many benefits of well-written product descriptions.

Bring Customers to Your Website

One of the most important jobs of a product description is to attract customers to the product in the first place. Online, many prospective customers search for products on major search engines like Google. If a person is looking for a new pair of shoes, they might type, “red high heels for women” into a search engine. If you want your product descriptions to appear in these search engine results pages, then SEO needs to be a part of the descriptions. Quality product descriptions will be descriptive and aware of how search engines work. By using key words and phrases, product descriptions can bring in buyers who are already looking for those specific items.

Detail How a Product Can Improve Life

Product descriptions need to describe products, but they also need to do more. In a product description template, there should always be a section that details how a product can improve the life of its user. That means going beyond measurements and color and creating specific examples. For example, that pair of red high heels can make you appear taller, showcase your style and boost your confidence. When individuals reading the description can see the direct benefits of the product on their lives, they will be far more likely to make the purchase.

Product description writing should always showcase the versatility of a product. With so many different products on the market, it is important to highlight how one product can serve multiple purposes. This is especially true for products outside of the luxury market. If you want a buyer to invest in your product, make sure they know how versatile it can be. If we go back to the case of the red high heels, versatility could once again be part of the unique content in the description. You might say that the red high heels can be worn to work or on a date night. They could also dress up jeans or look beautiful with a ballgown. That kind of versatility might help an on-the-fence buyer take the plunge and make the purchase.

Don’t Forget the Details

Product descriptions also need to include specific details about the products they are describing. These aren’t always major selling points, but certain buyers will need to know specifics before making a purchase. If these details aren’t readily available, a potential buyer might move on. Details might include the weight or dimensions of a product as well as any sizing information, should that be necessary. These specific details can also include color options, warranty information or key aspects of use for electronic items. These details won’t necessarily draw in buyers, but they are essential to convincing certain people about making a purchase.

How to Market Your Product Descriptions

The simplest explanation of product marketing is bringing a product to a potential market. In order to market products successfully, a company needs to understand their market, their ideal customer and what problems their products can solve. Someone who works in product marketing will often be at the intersection of the marketing team, the product development team and the advertising team. Explore some of the key goals and objectives of product marketing and see how great product description writing can help facilitate them all. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Distinguish Your Product From Alternatives in the Market

Another objective of product marketers is distinguishing what you’re selling from competing products that might appear similar. In our internet-savvy world, it is easy to type a few letters into a search engine and be faced with a wide range of products. Why is your product unique? Often, the product descriptions can help tell that story. With unique content in the description, a person might be convinced that your product stands out from the crowd. Highlighting the versatility of a product can also reveal how your item can do more than its competitors.

Online Product Cart

Drive the Message Behind a Product and a Brand

In product marketing, the ultimate goal is to sell more products. In order to do that, however, product marketing professionals need to create and spread the message behind the brand. Sometimes, that can be achieved right in the product descriptions. The tone of the description and the vocabulary you use can make it clear what kind of audience you’re hoping to attract. Using lots of pop culture references, emojis and slang helps a younger audience understand that they are the intended consumers. If the description of a products is packed with details about its money-saving potential, then budget-conscious readers will know that they are the target audience.


Resolve Consumer Problems

Arguably the most important goal of product marketing is to address and resolve key problems that your audience is struggling with. Ideally, your products can become the solution to one of these problems. If your ideal consumer base is made up of people who work out regularly and struggle to keep their workout clothes clean and fresh, then you might tailor a product to specifically address their needs. If you sell a powerful detergent, emphasize its value to those who are regularly washing workout clothes. Can it lengthen the life of expensive workout gear? Can it make you smell better when you’re working up a sweat at the gym? By addressing key pain points for consumers, you can sell products at a faster rate.

Customer Website

The heart of product marketing is knowing your audience. When you know who you are selling a product to, you can better market the product specifically to those buyers. Your audience should shape your marketing plan as well as your product descriptions.

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Tips for Outsourcing Product Descriptions

If your company is selling hundreds or even thousands of products, then writing descriptions for them all can become an overwhelming task. For a number of reasons, it’s smart to hire writers to tackle these product descriptions for you. Delegating this task to outside writers can free up time in your busy schedule, and it can also ensure that the final product is effective. Product description writing can be tricky, so it makes sense to work with a service that provides product descriptions. Learn more about what to look for in a service and how to effectively order product descriptions for your business.


Step 1

Create a Template for Product Descriptions

If you decide to work with a product description service, then it is usually a good idea to create a product description template. This is incredibly valuable to writers because they can see the exact format that you want to use. If you have 1,000 product descriptions that need to be written, craft one or two in advance. Then, allow writers to read these template descriptions so they know exactly what you’re looking for.

While unique content is preferred, a template doesn’t mean all your product descriptions will be cookie cutter. Instead, it reveals to authors exactly what information needs to be included. For your company, this results in fewer revisions and more quality content right away. When creating a template, take care to pick a product that is average, or indicative of the whole catalog. If it is a product very different from everything else on offer, it might create confusion for authors.


Step 2

Provide as Much Information as Possible to Writers

If you’re relying on authors from outside your company to write product descriptions, then make sure they have more than enough information at their disposal. If you’re selling something that is manufactured by a third party and available for sale elsewhere, feel free to link to that description. While authors won’t copy it word for word, it can be a way for them to better understand the product.

Authors should also know as much as possible about your company and who you are selling to. The description of a product might change depending on your business. Try to provide authors with your company name and at least an idea of who you are. This information can help shape the content for each description and make it easier for authors to determine what details to include in that description.


Step 3

Encourage Unique Copy

Unless you are selling one-of-a-kind items, there is a good chance that your products are being sold elsewhere on the internet. Your clothing boutique might be selling a pair of heels, for example, that is also being sold through the manufacturer and a dozen other online boutiques. If the product descriptions you include are the same as others on the internet, then major search engines like Google will penalize you for duplicate or copied content. To avoid that, make sure your copy is unique. Often, that means letting authors have some independence. If they are following along with a template and including all the necessary information, then letting them come up with their own examples and content can be incredibly helpful. Having unique descriptions may set your business apart from your competitors.


Step 4

Determine the Necessary Keywords for Each Description

Keywords have a place in just about every form of product description writing. Keywords are key to an SEO strategy, which helps search engines find, recognize and suggest your content to potential customers who are searching for it. If your product descriptions don’t contain keywords, then prospective buyers might not ever get to see them in the first place. If you’re using a service for product descriptions, then be sure to provide authors with the necessary keywords for each description. With these keywords in hand, authors can organically weave them into the content. If you need to have the keywords used a specific number of times, known as keyword density, then you can set those parameters. This ensures that all descriptions contain the right keywords for each individual product.


Step 5

Specify the Voice and the Audience

It’s also helpful to provide authors with a template for product descriptions. Other forms of guidance can be beneficial as well. For example, you might want to specify the kind of voice or image your brand is trying to achieve. Is your company an expert in IT? Are you leaders in the fashion industry? Are you trying to appear formal and informed, or do you want to have a casual, second-person conversation with readers? This information can provide authors with direction, and it can also ensure that you’re pleased with the final product. It is helpful to specify as much as possible about your ideal audience. Are you trying to appeal to busy moms or high-level executives? Is your product line geared toward college students or senior citizens? All of these details can help authors craft quality product descriptions.


Step 6

Look for Large, International Services

The nature of product descriptions means that you’ll often need a lot of descriptions in a short amount of time. If you’re ready to release a new range of products or open up an e-commerce store, then you could be dealing with thousands of descriptions all at once. While you might already know that crafting these descriptions on your own is impossible, you don’t want to rely too heavily on a single author, either. If you work with an independent author for a large-scale project, you might have trouble making deadlines. If the author is sick or has to deal with other clients, then it could become a serious problem for your business. A better option is to work with a large service. This way, you’ll have access to a wide range of authors. If your templates are done correctly, you’ll still have a consistent voice; you’ll just also have faster turnaround times, fewer deadline concerns and lots of competition to keep prices reasonable.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a product description is perhaps just as valuable. Textbroker specialists are available to help your company develop effective, persuasive and interesting product descriptions to close sales and increase profits. Let us help you place your first order for product descriptions.

Need help creating unique, high-quality product descriptions?

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