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FAQ Authors on price adjustment

For OpenOrders, the new prices that you can find here will apply in all star levels from 04.12.2022.

With TeamOrders, where the customers set the price, your remuneration usually remains the same as before. The new reserve price for TeamOrders is from 04.12.2022 – 2.7 cents per word. However, there may be special cases where customers have a reduced author compensation in a team.

For DirectOrders, you continue to set your price completely yourself.

Author’s rates will not be affected by the DO changes except for authors at the base minimum who now earn more (2.2 cents/word instead of 2.0 cents per word).

Here is a sample calculation for DirectOrders:

Author perspective (rounded numbers)

• An author’s DO rate is set to 5.5 cents per word
• The Textbroker per word commission subtracted from the client will be 35.294%, which translates into 64.706% for the author
• 5.5 / 0.64706 = 8.5
• The client is paying 8.5 cents per word for an author whose rate is 5.5 cents per word

Client perspective (rounded numbers)

• A client is asking to pay 8.5 cents per word
• The Textbroker commission subtracted is 35.294%, which translates into 64.706% for the author
• 8.5 x 0.64706 = 5.5
• The author receives 5.5 cents per word for a client paying 8.5 cents per word

Unfortunately, we had several delays which necessitated a postponement of the price adjustment by a few days. We ask for your understanding.

The price increase in January only applied to new customers whose order volume is rather low compared to existing customers. However, we can only implement a higher author payment if all customers pay the higher prices – and this applies from 04.12.2022.

We cannot give a general recommendation for this, as this question must be considered on a case-by-case basis. In any case, we advise you to fill out your author profile as completely as possible. The more meaningful your profile is with your skills and experience, the higher you can set your DirectOrder price for potential clients. If you decide to change your price for your existing DirectOrder customers, you should coordinate this with the customer and then adjust the customer-specific word prices in your contact list.

All DirectOrders and TeamOrders that were discontinued before 04.12.2022 will be charged to the customers at the old conditions and thus also remunerated under the old conditions. From 04.12.2022 the new prices apply.

For every OpenOrder you accept from 04.12.2022, you will receive the new pricing – regardless of when it was created.