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All About Orders

A client may not reject an article without first requesting at least one revision. 
If a client rejects an article, Textbroker's Quality Assurance department evaluates whether the article was written to the quality level specified and according to the client's instructions and reasonable revision requests.  
If those standards are met, the rejection is overturned, and the author automatically receives payment for the work and relinquishes copyright to it.  If we find that these standards are not met, the rejection is supported. The author is not paid for the article and receives a rejection on their record.  
If the client does not pay for the article, they do not own the copyright to it and cannot use the work.

If you are fluent in the language requested, yes, please complete the article! Please add your language skills to your profile so that clients who wish to order such content may find you more easily.

If you have some language training but are not fluent, please read the instructions carefully before accepting the assignment. Consider whether your language skills in this particular area will meet the client's expectations. If you had one year of Spanish in high school and the client asks for an article with perfect Spanish grammar, please don't choose this item. If you lived in Mexico for three years, then the same item is more appropriate for you.

We will rate all items submitted in a foreign language neutral unless the item is found to be software-translated.

If you are not fluent in the language and plan on using a translation program, do not take the order. Our multilingual staff will support rejections of software-translated work.

While the Textbroker platform originated as a self-service system, some of our clients prefer a more full-service approach. This can include anything from crafting order instructions, creating teams, placing orders, and managing deadlines. Additionally, these orders are reviewed by our editors before the client receives them to ensure that the orders are written to the quality level specified and that the instructions are followed.

Managed Client orders are placed in teams. Managed Client orders are placed at the 4- or 5-star level. You can tell a Managed Client order from an order that was placed by the client because Managed Client orders will say in the briefing "This order is for a Managed Client, so it may take longer than three days to be accepted." Managed Client orders will also include the email address of a Textbroker contact person for you to use if you have questions.

No! The order is preserved for you until the deadline. But reassure yourself that you have accepted the order correctly. If you have begun writing the order, BE SURE THAT YOU SAVE YOUR WORK before closing your browser. It is suggested that you make a backup copy offline. Textbroker is not responsible for work that was not saved correctly.

Do not click on the “cancel process” button. If you do, the order will return to the pool, and your work will not be accepted.

Unfortunately, Textbroker can only give more information on what a client wants in the case of managed clients. If a manager is listed in the instructions, please contact him or her via email. Otherwise, please contact the client via the messaging function to resolve any order-specific questions.

If the order has not been chosen by another author, you can accept the same order once more. A third time is not possible.
Do not cancel and re-accept the order to artificially extend your deadline.

No, cancelling an order has no negative effects whatsoever on your profile and will not be shown to any other clients. However, if it is a managed client order and you confirmed you would complete the assignment on time, cancelling may impact whether you are chosen for Managed Client teams in the future.

Yes, you will immediately be notified by email. Please ensure that your stated email address is correct and that you have [email protected] on your safe list.

You will immediately be notified by email. Please ensure that your email address is correct and that you have [email protected] on your safe list.

You have 24 hours to send back the revised article after receiving the notice via email.

Important! If the revision is not completed within this time frame, you lose the order, and it will be open to all authors again. You will not receive any compensation for your work. Textbroker cannot extend the revision time given.

If the article hasn't been picked up by another author, you can re-accept the article to complete the revision. Please check your email on a regular basis to avoid losing revision opportunities.

Currently, there is no limit to the number of revisions that can be requested. As long as the changes are legitimate, reasonable, and refer to the initially stated assignment, multiple revision requests are possible. Should you feel a client is abusing this option, please contact [email protected].

Please note that after receiving such a request, you only have 24 hours to complete and resubmit the revised article. If you miss this deadline, the order is cancelled and will once again be available to our pool of authors.

Unfortunately, this information is not available to Textbroker. The client may have stated this information in the order, in which case you can simply follow the link in the order. You can also ask the client directly via our messaging system. However, as per our privacy policy, the client is not obligated to share this information.

If the client has given specific keywords or keyword phrases that need to be used in the article, please incorporate those words or phrases into your text the number of times specified in the order description or by the keyword checker. The keyword checker will not let you submit your order until you use the desired keywords exactly as given by the client.

Make sure the keywords you used in your submission match the keywords requested. Sometimes the keywords are misspelled. Include those misspellings in your work. Sometimes keyword phrases are grammatically incorrect. Reproduce whatever you see as required. If you’re still having trouble, try copy and pasting the keyword in the appropriate places in your article. If all else fails, contact us at [email protected] for help.

Some clients request misspelled or grammatically incorrect keywords on purpose because they are trying to optimize their content to be search engine-friendly. If you feel the client made a mistake, send them a message for confirmation. If it turns out the keywords do need to be changed, send us an email at [email protected] so that we can further assist you.

When you log in, you should see a submission screen with a large text field. Copy and paste your article from a word processor or type directly in the field. Give your article an appropriate title. If the client has asked for a specific title, please use the given title.

Proofread to be sure that the text is free of any mistakes. You can only receive the best possible rating with flawless articles. Google's toolbar has a spell-check function that works in our text field.

Now click on the “save text and count words.” If the word count meets the required minimum, you will see “release text” at the bottom of the page. Click on it, and the text will be sent to the client.

Your article has been submitted and cannot be altered unless Textbroker or the client ask for a revision.

You can observe the process of your article under "Assignments – Statistics." First, it will be checked for any copyright infringements. If our automatic system notices similarities to other works online or in our database of previously submitted articles, our administrative team will check your submission manually. If the text is too similar to one that is found elsewhere, we will ask you to revise the article. If no violations are detected, the article is forwarded to the client.

The client can then accept the article or send it back for revision. If the client fails to take action, the article will automatically be accepted by Textbroker after 96 hours.

After a client receives a revised article, they can accept, decline, or ask for another revision. Rejections will be evaluated by Textbroker and then will either be accepted or rejected. We try to make a fair and accurate judgment of whether the article fits the work requested for the quality level ordered as well as if revision requests were followed. If an article meets the order, we will side with the author. If the client’s requests were not met, we will side with the client. Both authors and clients are valued at our company, and we want to be fair to all parties. If you have any questions about an article or order instructions, please use our messaging system to contact the client.

Often times, the client accepts the article directly or after one revision. Upon article acceptance, the earnings are transferred to your Textbroker account. When our editorial staff rates your article, you will receive an email. 

The client has four days to accept, refuse or ask for revisions of your article. If your article is caught by our plagiarism filter, the proceedings can be prolonged for up to 24 hours. If the client does not respond within four days, the article will automatically be accepted and your account will be credited after the fourth day.

Please note that managed clients may have longer approval periods. Please check the team or order instructions for managed client approval periods.

When you first open an order, you are previewing it. Merely opening the order does not mean you accept the order. You have 10 minutes to make a decision to accept or reject the order.
If you accept the article within 10 minutes, you will automatically see a submission screen with a large text field. If you do not see this screen, you did not successfully accept the article.
If you do not decide within 10 minutes, the order returns to the OpenOrder list where all authors can view it. Please do not start to write or research until you have accepted the article and see the submission page with the large text field.

When you have accepted the article, you have a specific amount of time to complete it. Please submit your article within the allotted time. We cannot extend your deadline for you. If you miss your deadline, the article is removed from your account and will be returned to the pool where it is available to other authors.

A DirectOrder offers our clients the possibility to assign their orders directly to one single author. As an author, you can set your own price per word for DirectOrders. You can even specify a different price per word for each client who wants to work with you. You can contact clients and negotiate prices using our internal messaging system. Please keep our commission in mind when negotiating prices with clients. You can find more information on the pricing per word on our payment page.

Usually, a client will contact you if they are impressed with your work. However, if you truly enjoyed writing an article for a client, feel free to contact the client via our internal messaging system to offer your services via DirectOrder.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Writing for SEO purposes entails composing keyword-rich text that is relevant to the subject matter. Sites achieve higher rankings on Google when they display a certain keyword density and have constantly updated content.

An OpenOrder is available to all Textbroker authors who meet or exceed the quality level chosen by the client. When an author previews an OpenOrder, it is momentarily removed from the order pool. If the author does not accept the order within 10 minutes, it will go back into the pool where other authors can see and accept it. While an author is working on the order, only that author can access the order. If an author cancels an OpenOrder for any reason, the order will go back into the pool where another author can take it. An author can pick up an order a maximum of two times.

The processing time starts when the author chooses to write the assignment and works like a ticking countdown clock. If the author doesn't submit by the end of the processing time, the order will automatically expire and return to the order pool for another author to write.

As authors cannot see when an order was placed, we strongly recommend that you also include a firm dated deadline (MM/DD/YY) in your order briefing for the author when using the OpenOrder pool.

Contact and Communication

Banning a client will prevent them from placing new orders with you or starting new messaging threads with you in the future. Please note that banning a client, or being banned, will not affect any current orders that you may be working on or prevent you from replying to an existing message thread.

You can view all banned clients under Contacts>Banned List

No. To protect both your and the clients' privacy, do not give or ask for your personal contact information, including social media contact information. If you have any questions about clients asking for your information, please contact support at [email protected].


Use our messaging function by clicking the client's ID. You can find the ID in all uncompleted and completed orders. Once you are in the client’s profile, click “write this client a message.”

No, our Terms of Service do not allow the exchange of personal contact data, including email addresses, phone numbers, full names or social media connections. For your protection, please communicate via our internal messaging system.

Currently, our website does not allow uploaded/attached documents. You may use HTML to include an image, copy and paste a link into the order briefing, or use a file sharing site, such as Google Docs to share your documents. When using Google Docs, please ensure your link is set to “anyone with the link can view.”

Finances and Payments

A 1099 is an IRS document that shows your pay-outs from our site. The IRS requires us to send this document out to those who have earned more than $600 with us. We send the 1099 out once a year in January with the total amount you have earned with us over the entire year. 

If you did not earn more than $600 in a given calendar year, you will not get a 1099 from us.

Please claim all income earned with us on your taxes. Please consult a tax professional if you are unsure how to handle this income.

While we are happy to provide any necessary documentation, Textbroker cannot advise you on tax-related questions or concerns.

Yes, you must state all Textbroker earnings, regardless of the amount, in your tax return. Please contact a licensed tax advisor for more information on how to report your income.

Your work at Textbroker is as an independent contractor. We do not withhold unemployment or any other taxes from your earnings. Therefore, you cannot claim unemployment with us. Please see your local tax advisor or unemployment office for further information on this topic. Processing unemployment claims takes a lot of time that we would rather use to evaluate your samples and articles.

When an article is accepted, your earnings are deposited into your Textbroker account. When you have a balance of $10 or more, you can request a pay-out. All pay-out requests must be submitted by 11:59 PM PT Sundays and Wednesdays. Pay-outs are processed on Mondays and Thursdays.

To request your pay-out, go to “Account – Pay-Out” and click the green “Request Pay-Out” button.

So long as your account balance shows at least $10 available, you may request a pay-out. You need only request a pay-out once per pay period. At the time the pay-out is processed, all available funds will be sent to our payment processor.

There are two pay-out periods, which are processed on Mondays and Thursdays. Should you choose to request a pay-out for both pay-out dates in a week, you will be charged a $1 fee. There is no fee charged if you choose to request only one pay-out for the week.

To request a pay-out, simply click on “Request Pay-Out” under “Account > Pay-Out.” The sum of any/all pay-out requests made by the deadline are transferred to our payment processor every Monday and Thursday, even if it’s a holiday like January 1, July 4, etc.

Any requests made after the deadline will roll over to the following pay-out date.

All pay-out requests placed by 11:59 PM PT on Sundays and Wednesdays are transferred to our payment processor the next business day. Textbroker reserves the right to make payments at a later date under certain circumstances.

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee when the payment will transfer from the payment processor to your bank account or become available in your bank account, but it typically should get to your bank account the same day or the next business day.

We do not provide an alternate payment method at this time.

Affiliate programs limit your earnings by setting a specific margin. Instead of limited earnings, we offer a content reseller program that allows you to set your own prices and earnings. Contact us today for more information.

Getting Started

No, currently we pay through a payment processor that only allows US bank accounts. Setting up a US bank account is a simple process for those who are legally able to work in the United States.

No. In order to accurately report your tax information to the IRS, each author can only have one account.

You can accept one OpenOrder at a time. As soon as you complete your first order, you can immediately select your next OpenOrder. After your first five orders are complete, there will be a short hold on your account to ensure that we rated you correctly. After this hold is lifted, there are no limits on the number of articles you can write.

You can also accept one TeamOrder at a time out of all the teams to which you belong. As soon as you finish your TeamOrder, you can select your next TeamOrder. 

You can accept as many DirectOrders at a time as you'd like. DirectOrders are shown only to you. When you accept the order, the processing time starts ticking. If you accept three DirectOrders with a one-day processing time, all three articles will be due the next day. 

Because you are an independent contractor, IRS law requires you to complete a W-9. This form confirms that you are a US citizen or permanent resident and are subject to US tax rules. This is a completely normal verification process for independent contractors.

One W-9 is sufficient. You do not need to complete a new form each year. However, you may need to update your W-9 on file with our payment processor if any of your personal information changes.

You will receive further information regarding completing your W-9 from our payment processor once you have registered with them.

Click on the “Assignments” tab and the “show orders” sub-tab.
You can either search the order catalogue by category or find specific topics of interest via the search function. Choose any order to see a detailed description. If you wish to accept the order, click on “I would like to write this article.” If you don't, click on “I do not want to write this article.” You have 10 minutes to accept the order. If you do not accept the order within 10 minutes, the system will time out.

Clicking on “I do not want to write this article” will return you to the order list. You can view an order twice. If you cancel out of an order a second time, you will not be able to see that order again.

When you accept an order, you will be taken to the submission page automatically. You can input your article directly, but we highly recommend that you use your favorite word processor and copy and paste your article.

Yes, that is no problem and is highly recommended. Once you accept an order, it stays preserved for you until the deadline. 

To write an assignment offline, choose the order, accept it and then simply close or hide the browser window.

The next time you log on to your Textbroker account, you will find this assignment in your menu under ”Assignments.”

Go to the “public profile” tab in your author account. There you can determine your overall rate for DirectOrders. If you wish to assign a special rate to a specific client, please access the client profile by clicking on the client number. There, you can set a client specific rate. Please note that rate changes only apply to future orders. Payoffs for ongoing assignments cannot be altered this way.

If you have previously worked with a client or have saved the client in your address book, that client has the personal rate from when you started working together. If a client wants to send you a DirectOrder, check this client's ID for the current rate that is saved on the client profile.

To change current, unaccepted DirectOrders, you must refuse the orders and then ask the client to reassign the orders to you. Then, your updated rates will apply to those reassigned orders.

We reject samples for one of two reasons: quality or copied content. Before submitting your sample, please ensure that you have capitalized your words appropriately, that your submission contains punctuation and that it has a legible flow.

Once you submit your writing sample, you will receive an initial rating and then be able to write five articles. At this point, your account will be blocked so that we can ensure that you have access to all the appropriate levels of orders. Rating your articles can take 5-7 days, and your account will receive priority when all five articles have been accepted by clients.

Textbroker is a mediator between writers and content clients. Anyone can write for Textbroker as long as he or she is a US citizen older than 18.

To become an author, simply sign up on our website. When you confirm your email address, you will be directed to submit a short application article. Some services, especially Yahoo! and Hotmail, may screen our email address, so please check your junk mailbox for your confirmation email. Your initial submission will set your preliminary quality classification and give you access to our pool of hundreds of client orders (OpenOrders).

Each of your articles will be rated by Textbroker’s editorial team. We place a hold on your account after the first five articles are written so that we can ensure that your rating corresponds to your talent. We want you to have access to all of the appropriate quality levels.

As you write for clients, they may request you specifically for orders. Textbroker allows you to accept this kind of work as a DirectOrder. As an author, you can set your own word price for DirectOrders. You can even specify different price points for each client who wants to work with you. You can contact clients and negotiate prices using our internal messaging system.

Textbroker does much of the marketing and administrative work so that you can concentrate on writing. Our work flow includes:

  • technical infrastructure
  • client acquisition
  • support service
  • legal and copyright matters
  • payments and money transfers
  • simplified order handling
  • article quality control and author feedback
  • plagiarism checks
  • statistics

Textbroker’s client base is international and diverse. Not all of our clients are native English speakers. To guarantee a fair evaluation, all articles are rated by Textbroker’s internal editorial staff. Clients can also submit a rating, but it is intended as feedback for the author. While we care about client opinions, they are not currently a factor in your author rating.

Each and every article is given a rating to ensure that any changes in your work are accurately reflected to our clients. The quality of an article ranges from 3 to 5 stars, where 3 is the lowest and 5 is the highest possible rating. Your shown quality rating is the average rating of your last 5 articles.

You can write a TeamOrder when you join or are accepted to a client’s team. All of the authors on the team have access to the TeamOrders. You can only accept one TeamOrder at a time.

If a client has yet to personally invite you to a team, there are many other teams for which you can apply. In your account, go to Assignments -> TeamOrders, and then click on the “Open Casting Call” tab. Here you will see a list of all teams that are requesting applications. Application requirements and team conditions will vary, so please be sure that you read this information carefully before applying.

Clients may invite you to a private team. Clients often base their invitations on your author profile and previous work you’ve done for them.

Sometimes the client has participation requirements to which you have to agree if you wish to write for that team. For example, you must have personally seen a film or used a product to review it. Please review these carefully before accepting the team invitation.

The client sets the price per word for TeamOrders. You can check the minimum earnings for writers on our payment page.

The client's final price for a DirectOrder is calculated by the author’s rate plus a 35 percent Textbroker commission. For example: If your price per word is $0.0178 (1.78 cents), then the client’s final price would be $0.024 per word. ($0.0178 + 35 percent Textbroker commission). Additionally, there is a flat fee of $0.35 per order to be paid by the client to Textbroker for all orders, Direct, Team or Open.
These fees only are shown on the client’s page. You will always be reimbursed the full amount of the price you set. 
It is vital for you to know all the components of the final price so that you can best estimate what will work for your client. Please keep our commission in mind when setting your price.

Once you’ve submitted your article, it is checked for duplicate content by our filters. You may be asked by Textbroker staff to revise your article to make it unique. You have 24 hours to complete these revision requests.

Once the article has passed the duplicate content check, it goes to the client. The client has three days to accept the article or ask for a revision. If the client doesn’t take action after three days, your article is automatically accepted by our system. If the system is over capacity, the auto-accept may be slightly delayed.

When an article is accepted, your Textbroker account is automatically credited. You can see your earnings for each article under “Assignments – Statistics” and your total current earnings under “Account – Pay-Off.” For more information on pay-offs and transfers, see the “Accounting and Payoffs” section of this FAQ.


Most communication with Textbroker happens via email. Please put [email protected] and [email protected] on your safe list to ensure prompt delivery of important notifications, such as:

– receiving a DirectOrder
– article revision requests
– refusal of an article by a client or Textbroker
– article acceptance by a client
– article rating by Textbroker
– receiving a message via the Textbroker messaging system
– news and updates from Textbroker 

We do not send out emails when new OpenOrders come into the system, so please check our website often since new orders come in throughout the day, every day.

Textbroker respects your privacy and will not sell your email address or personal data to any third party. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

Your registration at Textbroker is free. Under no circumstances are there any costs for you. It is solely up to you to decide how much to write for Textbroker. There are no minimum or maximum work requirements. You have the option to revoke your membership at any time without any reason under "Account – Close Account."

Unfortunately, due to U.S. tax regulations, we can only accept U.S. citizens or residents legally authorized to work in the United States as freelancers at this time.

However, our sister site,, accepts English writers from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the Republic of Ireland. Please review the information at and consider registering there.

Use our automatic password retrieval option. We cannot see your password. If the automatic system doesn't work, send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected] using your registered address, and we will reset your password.

Quality and Ratings

Ratings on articles are final; however, if there is something you need clarified, please contact us.

One of your orders is selected at a time by an algorithm that takes into account, but is not limited to, the following factors:

  • The date of your last rating
  • Any recent rating promotions or demotions
  • How often you write and submit orders
  •  A recent order rejection
  • New authors whose accounts are blocked

Once your order has been selected by our algorithm, it is rated by a member of our Quality Assurance staff based on the following criteria:

  • Writing to the quality level of the order
  • Order briefing compliance
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Client satisfaction
  • Filler content
  • Typos/misspellings
  • Syntactical skills

Your current rating can be viewed by logging into your Author Account, hovering over the Assignments tab, and selecting “Statistics.” Your rating is located in the upper right hand corner.


Sample articles are usually rated within 1-5 days. Once you get your initial rating, you’ll be able to start writing.
You will be blocked from writing after you submit your first order. Then, you will be blocked again when you complete your first five orders until those orders receive a rating. Blocked author accounts receive priority and are usually rated within a few days.


If your writing is found to not meet our standards for 5-star work, our editors will leave detailed feedback on the work reviewed. Please take this feedback into account when writing future articles. Once an author has passed the proofreading test, they are always considered for being rated to 5-stars.

Clients purchase content based on varying levels of quality. Your author rating is based on the quality of your work and determines what level of assignments you can access. All articles are rated by our in-house editorial team. We rate according to AP Style and evaluate your work based on spelling, grammar, style and tone. Adherence to client briefings also compose a portion of our rating criteria, and each order will be rated according to compliance with the briefings to be determined by the editor. Things like keyword usage, tone, voice, point of view and formatting, as requested by the client, will impact an author rating. 

You can access assignments at your level and below. You are paid according to the level of the assignment, not your overall rating. For example, if you have a 4-star rating but pick up a 3-star assignment, you are paid at the 3-star level.


Textbroker editors provide feedback on one order per rating. To access your feedback, navigate to your Statistics page, and click the link “see details of rating.” You will then be able to access feedback on your rated orders. You may select which rating you would like to view feedback for by using the dropdown menu near the top of the page. Parts of the selected text with grammatical errors will be highlighted. Hover over the highlighted sections for more information about the errors. Additionally, you may scroll down to the “Textbroker Comment” box for more thorough long-form feedback. 

Our feedback is meant to help you improve your rating or maintain it. If you have questions about any of our editors' comments, please contact us at [email protected]

You can increase your rating by implementing our editors' suggestions and studying on your own. Improving your writing will increase your rating. Our blog, videos and tutorials have tips, tricks and best practices to help you correct grammatical mistakes and refine your style.

A 5-star rating can only be achieved through continuous professional work here at Textbroker, unrelated to reference texts or any regular occupation outside of Textbroker. Additionally, all 5-star writers must pass the proofreading before being considered.

Clients are able to rate articles based on how well the finished product meets their needs. This rating is solely for the author's notes. We do not take the client's rating into consideration when evaluating an author's quality level.

Authors who have passed the proofreading test are automatically considered for 5-star status. Upon passing the proofreading test, the author will be placed on a list for 5-star observation. When our editors have enough material to make a decision, they will notify the author.

3-star articles may still contain spelling mistakes, but they are usually attributed to homonym confusion and minor typos. Repeated, consistent spelling errors are not acceptable at the 3-star level. Also, capitalization mistakes will be limited to specialized, isolated cases, like “Ipod” instead of “iPod.” 3-star authors will use commas correctly approximately 50 percent of the time or more. Although there might be pronoun and subject/verb agreement errors in 3-star writing, they will be minor. Additionally, 3-star authors will have mastered the use of definite and indefinite articles. While possibly containing some filler, 3-star articles will largely make logical sense and will have a discernible argument.

4-star articles may have minor grammatical errors only; many have none at all. Misspellings and typos are very rare in 4-star work. Capitalization will be entirely correct, and complex punctuation will be used correctly: There will be no errors in the use of colons and semicolons. Dashes, parentheses, ellipses and exclamation points will be used in a way that is consistent with the AP Stylebook and is not stylistically obtrusive. However, occasionally, 4-star articles can contain choppy sentences or awkward phrasing and may be in parts lacking overall article flow. The argument in a 4-star article will be strong. However, it may be presented in a concise and straightforward manner that is somewhat simplistic. The average person will consider a 4-star article to be very good, and this is the level at which most clients order.

5-star authors have proven to our editorial staff that they invariably provide professional-grade writing. Each article will be nearly flawless, and 5-star authors will consistently provide content that meets our stringent 5-star standards. At the 5-star level, we do not tolerate spelling mistakes, typos, capitalization errors or punctuation errors that are not mandated by the client instructions. The argument will be extremely strong and will be presented in a style that is insightful and compelling, all while being impeccably and thoroughly researched. Additionally, 5-star authors will interact with clients and Textbroker staff in a manner befitting their status as professionals. Our 5-star authors are hand-picked by our editorial staff and represent the best that Textbroker has to offer.

Please keep in mind that sometimes clients specifically request that a keyword violate the rules of grammar. We encourage our authors to follow client instructions even if the client asks the author to omit a grammatically necessary comma or to misspell a word. Be assured that our editors have access to the clients’ instructions and do take them into account when rating articles.


Differences Between 3-Star and 4-Star Articles 

The main difference between 3-star and 4-star articles, aside from 4-star authors displaying a stronger grasp of grammar, punctuation and overall sentence construction, is the strength of the argument. While 3-star articles still contain an argument, the arguments may be unclear due to filler, repetitive information or overall lack of sentence clarity. 4-star articles only contain isolated incidences of filler that are relevant to the main topic of the article.

Differences Between 4-Star and 5-Star Articles

The main difference between 4-star and 5-star articles is the way in which the argument is presented. The argument in a 4-star article will be strong. However, the argument may be presented in a concise and straightforward manner that is overly simplistic rather than compelling. Stylistically, 4-star articles can contain choppy sentences or awkward phrasing. Overall, the argument will be laid out but not necessarily in a persuasive or engaging way, lacking transitional sentences and overall article flow. While 4-star articles should be grammatically correct with only minor errors, stylistically the articles are not as developed or engaging as those written at 5 stars.


Textbroker offers an extended level of service with the Managed Service option. Managed Service gives you additional support and a personal account manager when you want us to manage your projects for you. Find out more here.

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