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Finding Photos For Content – The Where and The Who

Research shows that blog posts and website content with visual aids increases traffic and time on page. The question for content marketers is how to efficiently get images integrated with each post. This article will address quality image sites and how to get writers to help with image selection.

Contacting the Artist:

For the post on Are SEOs Lando Calrissian, I wanted a different spin on the infamous character. A Google search brought up the image of Lando as a Colt 24 bottle, which I thought was genius. I found the post of the original artist and emailed him, asking if I could use the photo on my blog. He was very polite and agreed, and got a link – now two – back to his site.

Free photo sites:

My favorite free photo site is Stock Exchange. The photos are good quality and convey abstract concepts well. Check the copyright information for each photo. Some artists and photographers want their name and/or a link back to their SXC profile page.

Many clients suggest Flickr and point to the Creative Commons license, but it’s not without its faults. While the Creative Commons license is pretty standard, there are still quite a few exceptions. Additionally, Flickr includes snapshots from Aunt Bea as well as professional-quality photos. This makes it much harder to separate the quality photo wheat from the snapshot chaff.

Paid sites with free photo options: – Free images are around 400 x 300 pixels and require attribution. Buying the image gives you different sizes and removes the attribution requirement. The site supports itself with ads, which you’re required to watch in order to download the art. – This site offers select images for free each day. These images can be used up to 10,000 times. If you’re sending out a flier, each copy of the flier is a use of the image. If you go over the 10,000 use cap, you’re required to purchase the photo.

Getting the Complete Package

More clients ask for written content plus an image. We understand that clients are outsourcing their content creation, and images are a form of content. But can you ask a freelance writer to include an image with their article or blog post?

You can ask a writer to include an image, but Textbroker’s services do not cover images or photos.

Authors are exactly that– experts in the written word.  Searching for the right photo is additional time for a freelance writer. Since Textbroker authors are paid by the word and not by the hour, time not spent writing is less efficient. Additionally, authors fear that submitting the wrong picture may lead to rejection. Asking for photos can mean that your order gets skipped by the best-qualified authors, delaying your delivery.

To reduce the risk for authors and delays, please be specific about the type of picture and share the resources for free photos above. You may want to offer or give authors a small bonus for including amazing photos.

We are working on other solutions to help online marketers outsource their complete content needs, so please watch our main site for updates.

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A fascinating insight into the editorial progression, this helpful, informative and positive post leaves me wanting to know more about other author-related processes and Textbroker staff, who are more than mere numbers to me. Well, unless I consider that I do work with the number one staff in content writing.


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