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Five Content Marketing Aids: Content Creation and Seeding

There are many tools and sources of inspiration that allow you to save the most valuable asset when it comes to content creation- and that is time. Below are five easy to use and convenient tools you may want to consider when it comes to development and distribution.

Content Marketing Aids

There are many tools and sources of inspiration that allow you to save the most valuable asset when it comes to content creation- and that is time. Below are five easy to use and convenient tools you may want to consider when it comes to development and distribution.

Content Creation

1. Piktochart

People retain almost 80 percent of what they see – but only 20 percent of what they read. So complex data can be easily and clearly presented via infographics. Furthermore, good infographics are almost invariably shared on social media: All of which make Piktochart a popular content marketing tool.

Whether you need a diagram, chart or interactive map, Piktochart offers a wide variety of visual tools to facilitate the creation of infographics. You can customize existing graphics to your own requirements or create totally new ones. Different templates and backgrounds can be selected, and there is a keyword search for locating and adding suitable images and icons. There is also a facility to customize your infographic by uploading your own pictures.

All the infographics you create can be downloaded or shared via social media. Piktochart has a simple drag-and-drop interface, and it’s also possible to log in via Facebook or Google+.

A Pro-Piktochart Account version (with a wider selection of templates) is available and costs $29 a month.

2. Qzzr

It’s not just BuzzFeed that understand the potential of using question-and-answer games.

A fun quiz is a great way to interact with your target audience to generate social media engagement and drive traffic to your website. In addition, a quiz can demonstrate the expertise of the creators, and develop deeper trust amongst users.

With Qzzr, you can easily create any kind of online quiz and share it across social media. Different backgrounds and images can be selected, and corporate names and logos can also be integrated. In addition, Qzzr also offers useful data analytics.

Qzzr also works on smartphones. Remember to give your quiz a catchy, brief, and relevant title.

The basic version is free and allows the creation of an unlimited number of quizzes, and a Pro version starts at $99 per month.


Prezi was originally developed as a presentation tool for architects. It’s a software application for presentations that text, pictures and videos can be inserted on.

Unlike PowerPoint, Prezi’s presentations are not arranged in linear form. Instead, everything appears on a large white sheet and is activated purely by mouse clicking to zoom in and out.

Given Prezi’s innovative visualization options, the tool is a favorite for content marketers. For example, it’s useful for presenting data in an easy to understand visual, video presentations, mind mapping and brand storytelling. Presentations can be shared with other users and also integrated with your own site.

The basic version is available free of charge; however, all presentations created are publicly visible. A Professional version – which keeps presentations private – is also available, starting at $15 per month.

Content Seeding

4. Hootsuite

Do you want to use multiple social media channels while simultaneously tracking your activities? It’s hard to imagine a world before Hootsuite, the social media management tool.

This platform allows you to post content on multiple platforms with one click and then directly track all activity.

On Twitter, tweets, retweets, mentions and direct messages will be displayed at a glance. Hootsuite also enables you to respond directly to your followers.

Hootsuite also provides the option to schedule tweets and Facebook posts, and it also has tools for analyzing social media traffic.

Three social media profiles can be managed simultaneously in the free version. Plan fees will run you anywhere from $29-$599 per month,

5. Buffer

Buffer is another tool that makes it easier to post on various social media channels.

Via Buffer, profiles can be managed on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and whether it’s an article, video or image, all posts can be activated and terminated by automated scheduling.

In addition, Buffer provides various statistics and analytical options, shows the number of clicks on posted links and gives examples of successful posts.

Though Buffer is somewhat less complex than Hootsuite, it does give useful feedback on interactions and responses to posts.

A free account allows you to manage one profile on the channels listed above while the basic version is ideal for getting started, according to Buffer’s website.


Whether it’s sourcing content ideas, managing projects, creating content or distributing it, your business or brand can use these innovative tools to make impactful updates to your content strategy, reach as many people in your target audience as possible, and gain a competitive advantage over rivals.


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