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Four Reasons to Use DirectOrders

What's the difference between DirectOrders and other types of content orders? This article answers when and why you want one article writer for your custom content.

Many clients often ask what kind of order they should place. OpenOrders go to all the authors of the quality level you choose and higher. DirectOrders go to one single author. TeamOrders go to a group of authors. So what's better and more efficient?

In general, OpenOrders are faster. Authors must complete the assignment within the processing time you chose, or the assignment will expire and return to the author pool. DirectOrders don't have that urgency, unless the selected author agrees and adheres to your deadline. Additionally, DirectOrder prices are set by the author.  You can message the author to negotiate the rate whereas OpenOrders are always priced based on our rate card. TeamOrders allow clients full control over their author lists, but they can be time-consuming to build and manage.

We recommend that most first-time clients start with OpenOrders, but there are cases where a DirectOrder may be better and more efficient, even for first-time clients.

1. Detailed subject matter. If you're looking for an article on the impacts of rubber imports from China on the Canadian economy, the differences between two obscure types of Middle Eastern rugs, or a technical white paper on a specific medical topic, you may be better served with a DirectOrder. In general, the more information you include in your order, the better the author can complete it, whether Direct or Open. However, in cases where you're looking for a deep knowledge of a specific subject, a little footwork on your end may produce a high-quality piece much faster. The plan would be to find someone with background in the subject, brief them appropriately, and reduce the research time because of their previous experience in the field.

2. Consistent tone. A consistent tone will be more important if you're putting together a blog series on a specific subject than articles for directories, and choosing the same author for the entire series via DirectOrders will ensure a uniform writing style. Searching for authors with examples will help you find someone who matches your expectations in advance. No matter how you order, include an example of the tone you're looking for in the instructions to help the author meet your needs. 

3. Adult content. We do not accept orders for explicit sexual texts via the OpenOrder system, although we do allow adult product descriptions and topics like dating and marriage. We do have a few writers who are very comfortable with explicit adult content, and we're happy to recommend these authors for any more risque needs. Just contact us – we're hapy to guide you.

4. Previous Experience. As you review your completed OpenOrders, you may notice certain authors who better embody your ideas and style. To continue receiving that quality, style and insight, you may want to send these authors DirectOrders and build a relationship. An author that understands your situation may be helpful in rush or emergency jobs.

OpenOrders, TeamOrders and DirectOrders will get you the content you need. We have more than 100,000 content writers ready and willing to write for your niche. Start raising your rankings with fresh content from one of them today.

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