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A Freelancer’s Guide to Stress Reduction–Part 1

The freelance lifestyle can be stressful. Check out our tips on reducing stress in part one of our two-part series.

We all know that being a freelancer can be stressful. Whether it’s a secondary job to make extra cash or a way of life, every contract worker has dealt with the frustration that can come from the freelance lifestyle. Finding ways to cope with these challenges is essential to staying sane and not burning out. Here are our tips for reducing stress and optimizing your freelance routine.


In addition to keeping track of due dates, it’s also important to organize your files. Instructions, research, drafts, revisions, and other necessary documents can become overwhelming for large projects. Create separate files and label everything carefully to ensure that projects are easy to locate and up to date.

Be Flexible

Many people avoid the freelance lifestyle because of the uncertainty of it: Will there be assignments available when I need to pay my bills? Organization can also help here. Know when companies you like to work with have more content available. Do they post a lot of jobs at the beginning of the year because they’ve just upped their budget? Do they spend more money in the late summer and early fall to prep for the holiday season? Do they take a break from posting new orders during the middle of summer when many people are out of the office? A little research can serve you well here. Then, be flexible with your schedule. Put in more time during the busy seasons to make the leaner times less stressful.


As a freelancer, having multiple talents can come in handy. Working on several projects allows you to minimize lulls. Ways to diversify at Textbroker include:

  • Joining multiple managed teams
  • Developing direct orders with several clients
  • Being active in the OpenOrder pool
  • Becoming a remote editor

The more you get involved with, the more money you can make. It also makes a project ending less stressful if you know that you have other assignments waiting.

Check back next week for more tips on reducing your stress and getting the best results for your freelance lifestyle.

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