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A robust online sales operation requires excellent copy. Which is why you should consider if it’s time to buy sales copy. Without this essential component, your products will linger on the outskirts of the internet, rarely passing before the eyes of consumers and making a poor impression when they do. The web is a super competitive environment, and the text accompanying your products is what sets you apart. You need sales copy that increases your products’ visibility and inspires consumers to make a purchase.

What Are The Basics ofQuality Sales Copy?

When you buy sales copy, the end goal should be to promote products, not win the Pulitzer Prize. It doesn’t have to be showy or extravagant. In fact, it’s most effective when it simply follows three simple rules:

Focus on the benefits of the product, not on specific features


Avoid jargon


Include clear calls to action


Remember, your sales copy should address the consumer directly. The idea is to help people see why your product would improve their lives. An in-depth description of every feature will only bore or confuse the reader. Most people don’t care about the technical details of the things they use in their everyday lives. They just want to know that whatever they buy will make their lives easier, happier, and more fulfilling.

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Understanding Conversion CopyVs. Technical Copy

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In any type of writing, the purpose of the text should be the writer’s primary concern. Novels are supposed to intrigue or entertain, while textbooks are meant to educate. If a novelist or textbook writer were to become confused about their goals, they’d end up with a text that fails to serve its primary purpose. The same is true of internet content writers. Conversion copy and technical copy are distinct types of writing with completely different goals. You need to have these differences in mind when you create product descriptions.

The purpose of conversion copy is to convince people to buy a product. The text should convert readers into paying customers by focusing on how the product provides value. Conversion copy is the best type of writing for most product descriptions because it pays special attention to the consumer’s needs. If your goal is to sell a standard product, conversion copy is the way to go.

The purpose of technical copy is to explain how something works. It’s typically more detailed and descriptive than conversion copy, seeking to reveal the product in all its glory. Technical copy is especially useful for technological products, many of which require a bit of explaining. You’ll never sell a product to someone who doesn’t understand how it works or what it’s used for. A skilled technical copywriter can explain the product without confusing or overwhelming the reader.

Why You Can Solve So Many Problems When You Buy Sales Copy

Good sales copy is always educational and engaging, explaining how a product will solve a problem for the consumer. After reaching the end of the text, the reader should have learned something they didn’t know before: how your product can benefit them.

For the reader to actually complete the text, you’ll need the copy to be sufficiently engaging. Adopting the right tone and including relevant information will produce the interest you need. Talented copywriters understand how to make their text sufficiently intriguing, waving the reader on towards the conclusion like an exuberant college tour guide.

5 Things You Must Know to Create Quality Sales Copy

Producing good sales copy might not be rocket science, but it does require adherence to a basic formula. There are certain things you simply must know if you want your copy to reach and engage consumers. By taking each of these concerns into account, you can create the type of copy that intrigues and delights readers rather than confusing them.

Know Your Audience

Before buy sales copy, or even type your first word, you need to understand who you’re writing for. The audience for your product is the type of person who might be interested in buying the product. Having a buyer profile in mind will allow you to target your sales copy towards the right kind of person.


Know What Your Audience Needs

To effectively communicate with your target audience, you’ll have to put yourself inside their heads. Try asking yourself what these folks are looking for and how their lives could be made easier. If your product description refers directly to the genuine concerns of your audience, readers will recognize themselves in the text. This perceived empathy and understanding will make them more likely to buy the product.


Solve a Problem

Next, it’s time to start researching. Find out what your competitors are saying about your topic or issue. Make sure that you have accurate, up-to-date statistics or data to include in your paper. The types of research sources you’ll use depend heavily on your industry. However, trade publications and professional organizations are a great place to start in most sectors. So you’ve identified your audience, and you’ve identified their needs. Now, it’s time to show how your product can effectively meet those needs and solve the readers’ problems. If people see your product as a problem-solver, they’ll recognize its inherent value.


Have Clear Calls to Action

Once you’ve made a solid case for the value of your product, the next step is to bring the reader over the line and convince them to actually make the purchase. The best way to do this is with clear calls to action. These simple statements are a rhetorical necessity. If done well, the direct language should turn passive sales copy readers into active buyers.


Ask for the Business

If you want your copy to be effective, you’ve got to be direct. There’s no sense in telling the world how great a product is if you don’t try for a sale in the end. You’ve got your reader’s attention, and now it’s time to press for a final conversion.

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Sales Copy and SEO

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While good sales copy is primarily focused on converting leads into customers, it also has a role in SEO. Effective copy can land your products higher up on Google and Amazon results pages. That’s because the same copy that engages your potential customers will also correspond with their internet searches.

Imagine, for example, that you’re selling sweat-resistant sunscreen. Your copy should target the athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who would be interested in your product. Such copy would answer the same questions that these types of people would be likely to ask on Google, questions about preventing skin cancer and keeping sunscreen out of their eyes. By speaking directly to your audience and explaining the product’s value, you optimize the text for Google and other search engines.

How Professional Copywriters Can Help You

While you might be able to produce effective copy yourself, there are a couple reasons why you should buy sales copy and decide it’s best having a professional do the work. For one thing, expert writers bring talent and experience to the table. They have a way with words, and they’ll know exactly how to describe your product using the simplest terms. Most will also have a working knowledge of SEO, giving your content the best chance at search engine domination.

Professional writers are also efficient workers. There’s no sense in taking a week to craft a product description that an experienced copywriter could have polished off in a day. When you pay professionals to do their thing, you free yourself up to focus on the tasks that are truly in your wheelhouse.

Where Can I Get Effective Sales Copy?

Content creation has become a major industry, and there are several sources you can tap to hire sales copywriters. Your options include:

  • Hiring an agency

  • Working with a freelancer

  • Signing up for a content platform like Textbroker

With thousands of writers to choose from, Textbroker is an especially useful resource for anyone looking to buy sales copy. There are all sorts of specialists on the platform, from business writers to technical experts. The content creation company also categorizes authors according to their abilities so you always get the quality you pay for. If you’re after the type of good sales copy that will really make your products stand apart, you can’t go wrong with Textbroker.

Why Buy Sales Copy From Textbroker?


Textbroker offers many advantages for business leaders who want to buy sales copy (and many other types of content, too). Some of the advantages are:

  • No one size fits all. Order small, medium, or large content pieces with no hassle. It’s really about what’s best for you.

  • The ability to pay by word, providing flexibility that’s sure to fit your budget. Isn’t it nice to actually get what you pay for?

  • An extensive database of authors who have professional experience in many different areas. Textbroker has thousands of authors representing a vast amount of subject matter expertise.

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  • Fresh, unique content available in 36 languages as well as translations into every language on the web

  • No paperwork to fill out. Textbroker is a digital company and makes it easy for you to complete orders online.

  • Built-in duplicate content checks that help ensure you don’t receive plagiarized or spun content

  • Around-the-clock access to ordering capabilities. Our self service model is easy to navigate.

  • Easy delivery of content with opportunity for review and revision

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