Getting to Know the Textbroker Rating System


Authors now receive more detailed feedback on individual orders that are chosen by an algorithm. There are a number of factors that determine which articles get rated:

Ratings are then given by the Quality Assurance Team:

For further information about the Textbroker author rating system, check out the Author FAQ or send a message to authors@textbroker.com.


In June, Textbroker implemented an updated rating system for its authors. The rating system uses technology to better help us rate our authors fairly. 



I think a better introduction into the Proof Reading test would make the author more prepared. It took me and the Stylebook to work half of the way down the page before understanding the process and I still scored only a 40%.

Are your test questions based on an arbitrary consensus among TB staffers or are they from the Stylebook or some other accepted standard? I find it hard to believe that I answered 60% of the questions wrong.

Just saying.


It would be helpful to see the questions that I missed.


its good


Where can we take the proofreading test?



Where in Textbroker may I navigate to find rules of grammar?


         I'm new here and I already sent in my tax papers and all requirments. I notice none of start ratings I qualifed for. How do I get a better ratting? How do I get paid? Is it through pay Pal or direct ??? ... I been scammed before with online jobs and stating to feel like it's alot of B.S. excues my french here. I need answers and many questions to ask... Where or who do I speak with ??? ... P.S. these concerns is NOT towards anyone here, I'm little stressed because of to many BS .. You know what I mean.. If this is certain club and I'm not welcome. Then I can take my stuff else where. Bluntly speaking.... 


Where is this test? How do we improve this intial rating? I was started at 2 stars am I just wasting my time? There aren't any writing jobs so low...