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Help Me Help You: Giving Clients What They Want

Textbroker is here to serve our clients, which include web developers and SEO companies. A better idea of who our clients are and what they want will help you in writing winning articles.

Textbroker is here to serve our clients, which include web developers and SEO companies. A better idea of who our clients are and what they want will help you in writing winning articles.

Many of our clients are web developers and search engine optimization firms. These two types of clients have similar yet slightly diverging, goals.  Web developers create and design websites. They make sure that the site is running correctly and securely and often create or oversee the graphical element of the site. They usually do not have the time or desire to write the content that describes what the site does or sells. These types of orders are usually very specific on what they want: a description of a specific shoe or an “About Us” page for a website.

A search engine optimization, or SEO, firm, on the other hand, is looking for something different. They choose specific terms that, when searched for, put their client on the first page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Let’s say our client has a toy store in Kalamazoo, MI, that specializes in old-school, traditional toys. The SEO company has to determine the phrases that you and I will put into Google to find our nearest store. Let’s say you’re in Kalamazoo and want a sock monkey for your new baby nephew. You’ll go to Google and type in “sock monkey Kalamazoo” or “Kalamazoo toy store.” If our client wants to be the first thing you see, that specific phrase has to show up on their site. 

The easy thing would be to have the same article with different keywords plugged in. For a while, that worked. Then the search engines improved their scanning and cataloging to give users better matches. Google,, Yahoo! and Bing all check for duplicate content. If they see the same article, the site’s ranking drops. This is one key reason why we absolutely cannot accept copied work, even in part, even if you wrote the original. Search engines are looking for pertinent, unique content that will help out the person searching.

SEO firms have different strategies on how their articles should be constructed since the search engines are always improving their criteria for matches. The first step in writing a good article for SEO is to read the instructions. If the client asks for a keyword three times, once at the beginning, once in the middle, and once at the end, work that keyword in those places. In general, try to use the keyword so that it reads naturally. Often, you can play with punctuation to help you. Not all clients may accept this, so be careful and ask for clarification if you're not sure. For a key word like “sock monkeys Kalamazoo,” you could write something like:
“While Rockford, IL, is the home of the original sock monkeys, Kalamazoo has the world’s largest collection of them in the United States.” [Note: Rockford, IL, is where the sock monkey was invented, but the largest display of them is not recorded.]

If a client asks for spinning and special tags, make sure you use them as instructed. Some clients want {synonyms|alternates|other words}. Use the symbols they request in the format they require. Textbroker reads the pipe symbol ( | ) as a blank space, so all your words and synonyms are counted.

If a client asks for an article on honest lawyers, don’t spend 90% of the article on how lawyers are liars and cheats, finishing with a one-line reversal. The client is asking for a positive review and one sentence isn't going to save it. Skip the article and choose a subject you truly feel positive about. 

The second step is to give unique, informative articles that include new or fresh content. You may be writing for SEO, but you're also writing to keep a human reader interested. Imagine what your article will look like in the rankings. Would you click on the first 3 lines of your article? 

If you have a personal story on how you used your AAA discount to save on auto insurance, find the order that says “Use the keyword auto insurance in the article” and nothing more. Go ahead and tell your story! 

Remember that clients are people too. Our client base is extremely diverse in almost every aspect you can imagine. We have professional developers who know exactly what they want and explain that to you clearly and in detail. We have clients who are not native English speakers and have a harder time expressing their needs. We have new clients every day who are getting used to our system. If you can help your clients better achieve their goals, whether it be concise information for the FAQ of their website or an article with their chosen keyword, that cooperation can help distinguish you from other writers.

Help the client help themselves.

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