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What is Hero Content – How Can it Explode Your Brand?

Hero content demonstrates your expertise and the reliability of your brand, assuring users that you have a thorough understanding of the topic at hand.

What is Hero content?

Today’s brands must create marketing strategies that effectively engage their target audiences in a constantly connected digital world. To do this, brands should balance creating impactful campaigns that can appeal to a broad audience, and producing relevant content that meets the needs of specific audiences. This has led to the concept of Hero content and a multi-pronged content strategy. 

What is Hero Content? 

Hero content is becoming a crucial part of a brand’s marketing strategy. It’s designed to make a significant impact and reach a broad audience. This can include large-scale campaigns like prominent ads, contests, viral content (videos), and even quizzes. While sometimes time-consuming to produce, the goal is to generate significant brand exposure and buzz.

Due to the time and resources required, this type of content is typically produced infrequently for maximum impact. 

It is essential to note that Hero content does not always require a large budget or high-profile placement to be effective. There are many examples of Hero content that can be produced inexpensively but still have a substantial impact on the target audience. This can even include ebooks or guides on topics relevant to the brand’s audience, brochures, and white papers that provide valuable information about the brand’s products or services.

By creating such content, brands can make a significant impact and reinforce their brand identity without spending much money.

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Implementing a 3H Content Strategy for Your Brand 

The “3H” content strategy is a popular approach in marketing that includes three types of content: Hero, Hub, and Hygiene. Hero content is the centerpiece of this strategy and is positioned at the top of the pyramid. 

Hero content is at the top of the 3H content strategy pyramid due to its rarity and the significant resources it often requires. It is designed to make a substantial and immediate impact, no matter what the budget. Its main goal is to raise brand awareness by appealing to a broader audience than Hub and Hygiene content. While Hub and Hygiene content target a brand’s specific audience, Hero content aims for wider reach and impact, making it a valuable tool for driving engagement and awareness. 

Hub content is a recurring element that keeps your audience engaged and informed, encouraging them to subscribe and follow you on social media. This content is patiently awaited by your devoted audience and is published regularly. It requires low production value but should still be top quality to satisfy your followers. It is critical to tailor it to your audience’s expectations and preferences. 

For more prominent content creators, it may be published a couple of times a week. While for most, it will likely be a couple of times per month.

Hygiene content forms the base of the strategy and addresses your audience’s core needs by answering their most pressing questions and even concerns. While it has problem-solving value, Hygiene content is not considered Hero content because it focuses on keeping constant engagement with an existing audience rather than generating buzz. 

More than likely, this content is created to meet the search needs of a specific audience and can take the form of how-to videos and other informative content. Its primary objective is to provide relevant search results to users seeking answers to their searches. By tailoring content to specific followers’ needs, brands and publishers can increase their visibility in search engine results and enhance their online presence.

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Examples of Hero Content That Hit the Mark 

Red Bull’s ”Last Call for Mr. Paul” video  

Red Bull has made a name for itself in the world of sports videos, with over 9 million subscribers and 150+ videos with over 2 million views on its YouTube channel. What sets them apart is their unique Hero content. 

One example is their “Last Call for Mr. Paul” video featuring professional free-runner Jason Paul, a Red Bull-sponsored athlete. The video shows him navigating through an airport with incredible stunts and precision, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. 

The “Who Is JOB” series 

Another excellent example of Hero content is the web series “Who is JOB.” Now in its fourth season, the reality show follows the adventures of professional surfer Jamie O’Brien and his friends.  Constant action led to quite a following on Youtube for the series.

Hero content typically has a prolonged lifespan. Its versatility allows for a continued opportunity to distribute and promote. As a last tip, repurposing the content to adapt it to various marketing opportunities on different platforms and channels can significantly increase its effectiveness. By producing captivating content, you can achieve positive returns on your investment. 


Hero content FAQs

What is Hero content on Youtube? 

Videos that capture significant brand moments, such as product launches and important announcements, are essential but should be used sparingly, ideally limited to a few times a year, to maximize their impact and significance. 

What is Hero content best for? 

This type of content is carefully crafted to reach a broad audience and introduce your brand or business to as many potential customers as possible. In-depth research and data analysis is crucial in producing high-quality hero content that connects with your target audience and encourages engagement.





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