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Is it time to hire Wikipedia writers? Online marketing is a powerful way to build your brand’s reputation and gain new customers. Staying at the top of the search results page, though, can be a challenge. That’s why it makes sense to look at new strategies for online marketing.
Consider Wikipedia: The site is accessed from almost 70 million mobile and desktop devices every day. Hiring a professional author to write Wikipedia articles for your company can help increase your search rankings and boost brand awareness.

The True Value When You Hire Wikipedia Writers


Wikipedia is an encyclopedia of knowledge available to everyone on the internet. Articles on Wikipedia are written and submitted by individuals or organizations and must be approved by site editors before being published. Freelance writers who work with Wikipedia content are familiar with their standards. They know how to write engaging, encyclopedic content that the platform will approve for publication without hassle.
A great writer also knows how to make your organization compelling without violating Wikipedia’s covert advertising rules. Remember that Wiki content is meant to be informative only. The site offers an open space to develop your brand’s history and story online. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional writer is that you’ll get high-quality content designed to fit these platform guidelines.

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Who Reads Wikipedia Articles Anyway?

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With dozens of supported languages and no limit on knowledge categories, Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world. The platform has a wide audience with an average reader under 40 years old. Readers on the site are looking for well-written articles with references to reputable websites.

While anyone can technically post content or make edits on Wikipedia, the site’s paid editors review articles before they’re posted and reject those that don’t meet quality criteria. Wiki readers know this, so they trust the content they read to be well-researched and reliable.

Consumers searching for a brand on Wikipedia specifically want to know about things like:

  • A company or organization’s background

  • where the company has locations or stores in and around their area

  • organizational leadership or general executives list

  • the kinds of products and services the company offers, and

  • what media buzz the brand has generated.


Best Practices For Writing Wikipedia Articles


The most important thing to keep in mind when writing for Wikipedia is that content must be encyclopedia style. This means that all articles must be informative, thoroughly researched and neutral. Most articles about organizations on the platform start with an “About” section that describes basics such as business industry, founding date, headquarters and major innovations. Then, other topics such as company history, major organizational milestones, research developments, well-known products and the like can be covered at length.

Wikipedia focuses on providing opinion-neutral content to readers. Like a traditional encyclopedia, the site aims to offer only facts so that readers can reach their own conclusions on issues. The articles you submit to the platform should contain only objective information about your organization. It’s important to mention all major news that your brand has generated, even if that news is negative. Provide as many high-profile sources as you can to show that your brand is well-known and is worthy of its own page on Wikipedia.

Remember that you can always add new information and links as your organization grows.
You should also avoid writing about yourself or your organization for a Wikipedia article. Why? Wikipedia considers that a conflict of interest, and it’s prohibited by the platform.

When you hire Wikipedia writers you ensure the tone of your Wikipedia article remains neutral and that no conflict of interest exists. An outside author will feel more comfortable including negative public information about your brand, such as lawsuits or media controversies, to avoid rejection or changes from Wikipedia editors.

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What Are Wikipedia Relevance Criteria?


The first criterion for landing on Wikipedia is that your content must be relevant. Wikipedia calls this notability. In order to achieve notability, your organization must have garnered significant coverage in reliable sources that do not have a relationship with your organization. Things that make your organization notable include:

  • Coverage in major national media outlets

  • Coverage of your business in well-known industry publications

  • Online coverage of your organization on sites that you don’t control

If you can prove that your organization is relevant with links from well-known sources or citations to published books and articles, it likely qualifies for a Wikipedia page. If you don’t qualify yet, work on building your reputation in your industry and getting more media coverage.

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Why Posting Articles On Wikipedia Makes Business Sense


Billions of users search for Wiki articles every month. When your organization has a Wikipedia page, you can attract users who want to read about your industry. Wikipedia also ranks high in most keyword search categories on Google. This means that creating a Wikipedia page for your organization can help you land among the top search results for your industry. Your business may seem more credible to potential buyers who search for it online and find a Wiki page.

Posting articles on Wikipedia is also a smart strategy because Wiki articles are always evolving. If your organization wins major accolades or gets tons of positive press coverage, your writer can easily add text and links about those achievements. Outside editors who are familiar with your brand can also contribute information or links to your page.

Should You Hire A Wikipedia Writer?


While Wikipedia boasts that it has no hard-and-fast rules and uses guidelines instead, organizations are generally not allowed to author their own articles for the platform. Alternatively, you should hire a professional writer. You can hire an individual freelance writer, work with an agency or hire an author through a platform like Textbroker. Even if you employ a full-time marketing team or writer, you should still hire out when drafting Wikipedia articles.

Individual freelance writers may respond to job listings you post on work boards and freelancing sites. The prices that you pay for Wikipedia articles, as well as the quality of articles you receive, will vary greatly among different freelancers. One solution to this problem is to work with an agency instead. Content agencies provide professionally written and edited content that is ready for you to post. However, working with an agency is generally expensive. Getting content can also take a long time. Another alternative is a content platform such as Textbroker, where you can place articles in an open order pool or hire an experienced writer directly.

With Textbroker, you’ll have the best luck searching for Wikipedia specialists and placing Direct Orders with authors who meet your needs. If you need to produce more than a handful of Wikipedia pages, you might also consider creating a team of writers to tackle orders. If you need more help managing and approving your articles, Managed Service might be the right fit.


Making The Most Of Your Presence On Wikipedia

Hiring Wikipedia writers to create an article about your organization is just the first step in your Wiki journey. Once your organization has its own page, you’ll need to actively manage it to ensure that information stays up to date. Add major news articles and publications about your business as they’re published. Once you’ve built a strong foundation on Wikipedia with the help of a pro author, you can use the platform to grow your reputation and industry influences.

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