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Hire article writers for custom content it’s fast and hassle-free

Do you lack time to write the content you need? Or perhaps it’s too expensive to hire in-house writers? Whether it’s a shortage of time or resources that prevents your content projects from being completed, Textbroker Self-Service allows you to quickly receive high-quality, unique content at a competitive price, so you can focus on completing other tasks.

If you’ve created content in the past that was unsuccessful at achieving your desired results, hiring content writers can fix that too! With a different, fresh perspective, authors can provide you with new, enticing material. Authors can help not only with ideation but also through implementing SEO tactics to create content that’s appealing to both readers and search engines.

Managing your project through Textbroker Self-Service gives you access to the following benefits:

  • Expert freelance authors
  • Content in multiple languages
  • Quality controlled content
  • Optimized content
  • Simple processing and billing
  • Plagiarism protection

Take advantage of Textbroker Self-Service and hire your desired writer to easily order and receive the unique,
optimized content you require for as little as 2.3 cents per word.

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Hire writers at Textbroker Your benefits

Expert Freelance Authors

With over 100,000 article writers, the Textbroker platform is a great source for finding ideal writers who are familiar with your particular niche. Because each author has expertise in their own subject matter, it’s easy to find someone who is already knowledgeable about your topic. Regardless of the type of content you require – short or long articles, covering nearly any subject from cooking to technology – Textbroker authors can provide broad or extensive information in the format you prefer.

Plagiarism Protection

Textbroker understands that you want unique content, which is why several levels of plagiarism protection are set in place. Submitted articles are compared to content previously submitted in the Textbroker system using an internal algorithm, and articles are also compared to content all across the Internet using our proprietary three-fold duplicate content detection.

Content in Multiple Languages

Looking to expand your reach and offer content in more than just the English language? Through Textbroker’s various platforms, you can receive content in 15 different languages: US English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, UK/Australian/Canadian English, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Russian. Textbroker also verifies that authors writing for each platform are citizens of the respective country, so you will only work with native speakers.

Quality Controlled Content

Textbroker wants to help ensure that you receive content at the quality level you purchased and expect, which is why an experienced team of editors rate every order that comes through the system. This assessment allows Textbroker to check that the content’s quality reflects the chosen level of writing.

Optimized Content

To help maximize your marketing efforts as well as increase search engine rankings, Textbroker offers a number of sources that you can use to optimize your content, including keyword tools allowing you to choose the number of keywords to be incorporated in the content as well as their frequency and placement.

Simple Processing and Billing

To avoid the hassle and headache of completing the billing and W-9 process and procedure for each author you work with, all payments are processed in one location. Credit your account as well as find payment details and receipts in your Textbroker client account.

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