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Hire article writers for custom content it’s fast and hassle-free

Is creating the content you need taking too much time? Or perhaps it’s too expensive to hire in-house writers? Textbroker’s Self-Service gives you high-quality, unique content at a competitive price so you can focus on completing other tasks.

If you’re not achieving your desired content goals, hiring content writers can fix that, too! With a different, fresh perspective, authors can provide you with new, enticing material. Authors can help with ideation and implementing SEO tactics to create content appealing to readers and search engines.

Managing your project through Textbroker Self-Service gives you access to the following benefits:

  • Expert freelance authors
  • Content in multiple languages
  • Quality controlled content
  • Optimized content
  • Simple processing and billing
  • Plagiarism protection

Take advantage of Textbroker Self-Service and hire your desired writer to easily order and receive the unique,
optimized content you require for as little as 2.3 cents per word. Need a lot of content, our managed services option can get you the results you want

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The Benefits of Using Textbroker

Expert Freelance Authors

With over 100,000 article writers, the Textbroker platform is an excellent source for finding ideal writers familiar with your niche. Because each author has expertise in their subject matter, it’s easy to find someone already knowledgeable about your topic. Regardless of the content you require – short or long articles covering nearly any subject from cooking to technology. Textbroker authors can provide extensive information in the format you prefer.

Plagiarism Protection

Textbroker understands that you want unique content, so several levels of plagiarism protection are set in place. We compare previously submitted content in the Textbroker system using an internal algorithm. After the internal check, articles are compared to content all across the Internet using our proprietary three-fold duplicate content detection.

Content in Multiple Languages

Are you looking to expand your reach and offer content in more than just English? Through Textbroker’s various platforms, you can receive content in 15 different languages: US English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, UK/Australian/Canadian English, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Russian. Textbroker also verifies that authors writing for each platform are citizens of the respective country, so you will only work with native speakers.

Quality Controlled Content

Textbroker ensures you receive content at the quality level you purchase and expect. We do this through an experienced team of editors who review every order through the system. This assessment allows Textbroker to check that the content’s quality reflects the chosen level of writing.

Optimized Content

Textbroker offers several methods to optimize your content to maximize your marketing efforts and increase search engine rankings. We utilize keyword tools to naturally incorporate the keywords in the content and choose their frequency and placement.

Simple Processing and Billing

All payments are processed in one location to avoid the hassle and headache of completing the billing and W-9 process for each author you work with. Credit your account and find payment details and receipts in your Textbroker client account.

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Hire Expert Content Writers to Grow Your Business!

Companies with websites need to hire writers who can craft articles that help grow their businesses. Google rewards websites that keep their content fresh by placing them higher in the search results. This means more visitors and potential customers. Whether you’re looking to build up or improve your website’s content, there are many reasons to consider hiring a freelance writer rather than trying to write the content yourself.

Top 3 Reasons to Outsource Your Content Writing

As a general rule of thumb, the more you post content to your website, the better. Regular posting will help you rank higher for more keywords. However, it’s not all about quantity — quality is just as important, if not more so. Well-written content will establish you as an authority in your industry and give customers confidence in your products and services. By hiring freelancers, you’ll get a seasoned pro who knows how to target a market and write content that keeps your audience engaged and coming back. Here are the main reasons to hire writers and outsource content.

Hiring Writers Saves You Resources

Writing content takes time. First, you must research the “gaps” in your website regarding the general topic and your existing content. Once you have found a gap that you can fill, you must begin researching the topic. You need to find the right keywords and develop an approach that will appeal to your target audience. Only when these steps are complete can you begin drafting and editing the article for publication. These steps require valuable resources that you can better use elsewhere.

Hiring Writers Saves You Money

Hiring writers also saves money over adding a staff content writer to your in-house team. Good writers are a valuable asset, but they also expect to be paid well. When you add benefits and an attractive salary, outsourcing content becomes the more economical choice. Hiring an in-house writer becomes even more expensive if you have a large website that needs a high volume of content. Many companies find that paying a freelancer is more economical than paying benefits for an employee.

The DIY route might seem cheaper initially, but it can cost you considerably over time. The worst thing that can happen is to post content filled with mistakes and written in a way that makes potential customers click away quickly. A professionally written article will make your customers want to stick around to see what you offer rather than move on to your competition. That is one of the best reasons to hire writers who are seasoned professionals rather than attempting to write the content yourself.

Hiring Writers Saves You Time

You may have been thinking about giving the job of content writing to someone already on your staff. This can be an excellent idea if the person you have in mind has the right skills and a very light workload. Quality content writing is time-consuming, and it is likely that your team members already have more than enough to keep them busy. Putting added pressure on them could mean they will have less time to complete other projects.

What Do Freelance Writers Do?

Content writers for hire do more than give you words on a page. Writing for the web differs from many other types of writing, including business writing. Good copywriting is concise and gets the message across clearly. A freelance writer can bring relevant expertise and experience to the table.

A freelancer specializing as a writer for your field is an excellent asset. They are familiar with the challenges your customers face and their solutions and know how to appeal to that audience. You and your employees probably have more than enough hats to wear during the day, so writing content falls to the bottom of the list. A freelance writer is dedicated to producing the content you need and has the time to research a topic thoroughly.

Hire a Writer Who Has Specialized Skills

Freelance content writers are a specialized group of professionals who spend their time honing their skills. They write articles daily and know how to structure them to get the message across in a way that engages the reader. You wear many hats, but a professional writer only cares about one thing: creating the best content possible for clients like you.

You could think about it much like you would if you needed your car repaired. Would you rather take it to a certified mechanic who does nothing but fix cars and has the training to back up their skills? Or would you trust your car to someone with another full-time occupation who fixes cars on the side? The professional offers many advantages because they’ve seen many more cars than the backyard mechanic. They’ve also been vetted and earned the certification necessary to be called a professional.

At a minimum, our freelance writers must have the following skills:

  • Excellent command of the English language
  • The ability to research and understand new information quickly
  • Knowledge of HTML and proper formatting
  • The expertise to research keywords and analyze competitors
  • The skills to choose words that turn browsers into customers

Textbroker freelancers love what they do and continually work to improve their skills. They know how to write for your target audience and can write with a specific goal. Obtaining customized content that helps you reach your goals is the best reason to hire writers for your business needs. If you need specialized content every month, our managed services can help you achieve your content goals today!

What Hiring Writers Through Textbroker Can Do for You

Choosing to use article writers for hire means you are dealing with experts who know how to write copy for your target audience. This can save resources, money, and time, meaning your content will stand out and provide the information your audience needs. You can hire a writer for anything from essential blogs to in-depth articles.

When you hire writers using a company that specializes in providing content, you can get content at scale by creating a team of writers familiar with your brand’s voice and audience. You will not incur the administrative costs and hassle of finding them yourself. When you hire writers through a company like Textbroker, you can order content on a platform that is easy to use.

Using a service like Textbroker also means that you can control your advertising and content costs. You can determine the quality and length of the articles you need. The platform lets you manage your articles according to your needs. We have many writers to choose from, and when you hire writers through us, you can find the right person for the job quickly by searching our talent pool for experts in your field. This is much more convenient than wading through piles of applications when trying to hire writers on your own.

The best reason to hire writers through Textbroker is that you can choose from several order types to suit your needs. You can place an Open Order, which is the most cost-effective type. With this option, you cannot choose the writer who picks up the order, but you will have an excellent way to get content at an affordable price.

For those who want to choose their writer and develop a relationship with them over time, Textbroker can place a Direct Order with the author of your choice. This option costs a little more, but you can choose from thousands of writers in our database. You can rest assured that each of them is a native English speaker evaluated regularly by our editorial team.

Team orders are the best way to hire writers when you need content to your specifications at scale. With this option, you can have a team of authors who are familiar with your requirements and can deliver content consistently over time. Team orders also give you a dedicated project manager who will oversee your team of writers and make sure the content meets your needs.

Textbroker Makes It Easy to Hire Writers

When you hire freelance writers using the traditional route, you must place a job ad, choose some likely candidates from those who respond, and review their qualifications yourself. There is never any guarantee when you try to find a writer using a general hiring service specializing in something other than freelance writers. Companies like Textbroker have a screening process that helps make sure every writer is a true professional in their field.

The process is easy. It all begins when you sign up for free. There are no monthly fees or costs other than for the articles you order. Once you have created your account, you can add funds and hire writers for your project. When you order your content through Textbroker, our authors quickly accept and start doing the work. You can receive your content quickly, without a hassle, and ready to publish on your website.

You can hire writers for a wide range of projects. These pros can handle everything from standard articles of around 500 words to feature articles of 1,000 or more. Our talented freelancers can help you with any content needs; you can find freelance technical writers for press releases, e-books, white papers, social media content, and newsletters. If you have just started your website, you can hire writers for your landing page content, product descriptions, and ongoing articles to keep your audience engaged. When you hire writers through us, you can find someone who can write almost anything you need.

Each of our writers has a unique style, and you can find someone who can write in a style that connects with your audience in a personal way. You might need help to do this when you give the chore of writing articles to an existing staff member whose primary job is not writing. Our writers research every article to ensure that it provides value beyond the words on the page. They know how to evoke emotions and make sure your customer knows why you are the best choice for the products or services you offer.

We hire writers who care about their work. They are often experts with years of experience in a specialized field or industry. They are ambitious and willing to stick to deadlines. This means that your project will stay on track. Our writers know SEO best practices and can create a scannable, easy-to-follow layout. They are also willing to learn from you to improve their writing style to give you precisely what you are looking for, now and in the future.

What It Takes to Be a Textbroker Author

When we decide to hire writers, we are looking for someone passionate about helping clients build their brands and reach more customers. Our authors are experienced and must demonstrate their skills. Only some people who write for a living necessarily have what it takes to write custom content for the web. We expect the highest level of professionalism when we hire writers to create the superior content you need.

We need article writers who are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to making you happy. Agencies hiring freelance writers are not built the same way, and at Textbroker, we make sure our writers have the support and resources they need to improve their skills and deliver you the results you want.

How Do I Hire Writers?

Are you ready to hire writers who can give you excellent content? Then, it is time to contact us at Textbroker, one of the best sites for freelance writers. We will be happy to answer any questions you have before you begin. If you want to order content when you want, there is our self-service option, and if you want everything to be taken care of by a dedicated team, we also have our managed services option. The process is easy, so you can get the content you need from a Textbroker author today.

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