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Honey Versus Vinegar

Professionalism can go a long way toward establishes a raport with clients and earning more money.

A woman is speaking with her new neighbor. She tells the neighbor how she couldn’t stand the people in her old town. She just had to move. The people were unfriendly and rude. She asks her neighbor what type of people live in this new neighborhood. The neighbor replies, “The same type of people you left behind.”

That anecdote better illustrates the old adage, you’ll catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar. Rudeness begets rudeness. This applies in all situations but especially in a workplace environment such as Textbroker.

We have discussed in a previous blog post the importance of effective communication in the work that Textbroker does. Part of effective communication is professionalism. It is difficult to work with someone who is uncooperative, combative, rude or simply in a bad mood. This goes for authors, clients and Textbroker employees alike.

Unacceptable communications include but are not limited to inappropriate or foul language, sexually explicit language or content, and name-calling. This is mostly common sense. Though authors may be independent contractors, they should always treat clients and Textbroker staff with the respect of an employer.

It is not uncommon to see clients or authors who did not appreciate or agree with the content provided to them or the revisions requested. Considering the anonymous nature of the site, it is easy to curse a client in a direct message or forum post. That may allow the author to feel better temporarily, but it is not a solution to the problem.

In such situations, it is always important to step away. Take a moment. Make a cup of coffee. Step outside. Try to assess the situation. Please address clients or Textbroker employees with concerns and problems, but it can also be beneficial to present a potential solution.

No one person is perfect. We all make mistakes. When a client or editor highlights a mistake made by an author, it is always with the intention of helping that author correct that mistake. Consider revision requests or client feedback learning opportunities, a chance to improve as a writer and to hone the skills that can be carried over into other job opportunities.

On the other side of the coin, clients should also act in the same manner. Authors work hard on the content they deliver, and clients should respect that. An author should never feel belittled or intimidated by correspondence from a client.

If an author should ever feel as though a client is acting unprofessionally, there are a number of resources available. As independent contractors, Textbroker authors enjoy the luxury of choosing which clients they work with. If clients are rude, add them to your blacklist, barring the client from ever contacting you again. Author Services is also here to help. We can contact a client on an author’s behalf, helping to smooth out the process, answer any questions or correct problems with orders.

It may sound cliché, but authors should always treat other users of Textbroker as they wish to be treated.

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446825 11. October 2015 - 16:03

I keep reading that people from the Quality Assurance team will advise writers on their writing.  I have been writing on this site for over a year and not had any contact from anybody about my writing.   I would like to move up in star rating but it's kind of hard without any feedback.


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