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How to adjust your profile and account settings

Accessing and changing your contact details and account settings is easily done in the Textbroker interface. Learn how to edit your profile, your account settings and basic export functions.

Accessing and changing your contact details and account settings is easily done in the Textbroker interface. Just click on the gear symbol to access your accoun settings. Under the menu tab, ‘profile‘, you can enter, view and change your contact details – from your first name right through to your fax number. The fields marked with an asterix are compulsory and have to be completed.

Adjust your log in information

As well as your contact details, you can also adjust your log in information, with the option to change your email address or password. Once you’ve made all the changes you need, click on ‘save changes’.

You can also delete your account if you don’t need it anymore. Doe make sure to request your remaining balance by contacting support beforehand. You don’t have to delete the account however as all articles and history will be lost once deleted.

Textbroker account and export settings

Using the menu point, 'settings', you determine how often you‘d like to be informed about completed articles. Additionally, you can activate your API here, as well as opting in or out of the Textbroker newsletter, which informs you on the latest news and tips on content marketing.

You can save the email address your completed work should be sent to by going to the Export Settings. Here, you’ll see the option to have the work attached to an email in a CSV file, too. In comparison to the manual export, which you have to do yourself, the automatic export ensures your completed orders are delivered to your selected email address as soon as you’ve accepted them.

WordPress settings

If you’re using the Textbroker API for WordPress, just scroll down to ‘Wordpress Export’ where you can make all of the settings adjustments you need. When you activate the XML-RPC export, you’ll be able to enter the domain information, the path to the XML-Interface as well as the access details to your CMS. You can decide whether your articles should be published immediately or if they should be saved as a draft, and you’re also able to publish the work as a WordPress page or as a post. If needed, you even have the option to allocate a Blog ID and category to your account. Finally, all you have to do is save the changes in your settings when you’re done.

The Textbroker profile settings give you access to all important information and options for your Textbroker account. We hope you enjoy much success with your text project.

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