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How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is rapidly becoming one of the best methods for connecting with a wider audience. However, it is essential to have an actual strategy in place to help you achieve your specific goals. Companies that utilize online content marketing also need to be cognizant of the many algorithm rules that Google uses to assign a search engine ranking to each website. With this in mind, it is often best to outsource the creation of your content to experienced copywriters who know how to work with the system in order to receive optimal results.

Step by Step Guide to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Following a content marketing strategy will make it much easier to determine the effectiveness of each campaign. For example, you can use the same basic template to gather attention for two new products launches, but the specific variables within each campaign will vary based upon your target audience.

1. Define Your Audience – Even if your regular customer base includes people of both genders who range from the ages of 15 to 65, you should still narrow your audience down whenever applicable. After all, it would be a waste of time, resources and money to advertise an item that will only be used by younger women to a more diverse audience. Therefore, you should define the general audience of your company and determine who your target audience is for each specific product or service so that you can act accordingly.

2. Choose Your Online Channels – Blogs, social media, landing pages, press releases, product descriptions and your website’s content will all have an impact on each person who views them. However, the audience that you are targeting will help you determine which channels to focus on. Research indicates that 64 percent of all adult Facebook users visit the social media site on a daily basis, and the average age of Facebook users is 30. YouTube users are typically younger, and Pinterest attracts a primarily female audience. Utilizing this information for each campaign will provide you with much better results.

3. Create a Content Calendar – Keeping people engaged requires posting regular content on your blog and social media sites. This should be done with specific goals in mind, so it is critical to plan out your content in advance. Identifying each topic of discussion and the applicable audience is the first step. You can also analyze your preexisting content such as infographics to help you decide exactly what to talk about in each post. Keep in mind that every blog post will attract attention from different people due to the keywords that are utilized. Scheduling regular times to post new blog entries, social media updates, YouTube videos and Slideshare content will help ensure that your marketing strategy remains on track. Additionally, it will be easier to track the effectiveness of each campaign so that you can tweak things as needed.

4. Decide Who Will Order and Post New Content – Most companies have a specific team or person who is responsible for adhering to their online marketing strategy. This will make it easier to achieve consistent results and communicate with your essential resources, including outsourced copywriters.

It is advisable for every business to put a content marketing strategy in place each quarter that includes daily social media posts, regular blog entries and new visual representations of their products or services on sites such as YouTube. Following this formula and posting content that has specific goals will help you capture the attention of new consumers. Keep in mind that it is necessary for everything to be well written, but you can easily achieve this by outsourcing all of your written content via Textbroker.

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