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Here’s how to create the perfect instructions for our content writers:

Your instruction is fundamental to the creation of custom content. With it, you can significantly influence the quality of the content you order. Follow this simple rule of thumb: The more detailed the brief, the better the result.

Keeping these critical points in mind will ensure that you receive the content you envisioned – one written to your specific requirements.


  • Text Length: Due to the large number of factors involved in creating high-quality content, there is no ideal length that would apply to all of the orders you place. Just a few elements to consider, however, are the text genre, complexity of the topic, and the channel for publication. Remember to incorporate any information that would make your text interesting and enjoyable to read. Nevertheless, be certain that you do not request unnecessarily long content as this can have a negative impact on the quality.
  • Genre: Describe the sort of text that you require. For example, is it a product description or a blog post? Should it give advice, or is it meant to be information only?
  • Layout: Describe exactly how you envision your text. It should be structured, divided into appropriate paragraphs, and easy to read. Also, if you’d like the author to include a teaser or subheadings, make sure to mention it.


  • Preferred linguistic style Depending on your target audience, you may need a more professional and sophisticated tone for your text; alternatively, it could be that more relaxed, colloquial language would be a better match for your intended readers. You should also remember to include whether the text is an opinion piece or more objective in tone. Finally, decide whether or not it’s alright for the readers to be addressed directly.


  • Target audience: Who are you trying to reach? Is the text meant for laymen or experts, children or adults, men or women, singles or couples? Consider what motivates your target audience: simple information, buying interest, or other.
  • Description of content: Which aspects of your content do you want to focus on or highlight? Should the text offer advice, provide instructions, entertain, or possibly inspire your audience? To make this clearer, inform the author of where you plan to publish the content. It is useful to ask questions in the instructions that the author will have to answer in the text; for example, “What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?” Lastly, include what you don’t want mentioned, for example your competitors, sensitive topics, or a sale or offer that has already been described in detail elsewhere on your website.
  • SEO Requirements: Textbroker provides you with the opportunity to optimize your content for search. With these options, you can instruct the content writers to include specific keywords and outline how often they should appear in the text. You can also decide whether the keywords should be inflected or separated via stop words.


  • Clear and articulate language: Be sure that your brief is written as clearly and unambiguously as possible. Providing precise instructions assists the author in creating a high-quality content return.
  • Short and concise: Despite the abundance of information, keep the brief as short as possible. An order description that is longer than the text itself may be intimidating for some authors, and it can also lead to important elements of the brief being overlooked. It is your job to decide what is absolutely necessary for the author to know and what is not.

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