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How To Improve Your Experience at Textbroker

Important tips on knowing procedures and making yourself marketable.

This week's blog focuses on ways to improve your Textbroker experience. We at TB HQ have included some tips on how to make yourself more marketable as well as how to expedite your inquiries and problems.

Making Yourself Marketable:

Many authors have stressed the importance of customer rapport or sending out feeler messages to potential clients. Several clients also ask our staff for recommendations, so here are three things you can do to make your name stand out above the rest.

Change Your Name:

There's no need for a trip to the courthouse. Go to Account > Public Profile and click "change" next to "Nickname." There are tens of thousands of authors in the system known only by A- and a series of numbers. Changing this to something unique will make you more memorable to staff and clients.

Change Your Occupation:

While we're pleased to see so many stay-at-home parents, students and writers, nothing in these titles stands out. Include a hobby or skill on this line. List your major. If you have spent your life traveling through South America, indicate it. The next time we have a client asking for knitters, coupon collectors, biologists or world travelers, we'll know who to turn to.


If you can write fluently in another language, include this in your profile. We have clients asking for content in other languages all the time. Keep in mind that we have a multilingual staff, and clients may be asking for content in their native languages, so don't use translation software. It makes everyone look bad, and you will be penalized for it.

Making Things Run Smoothly:

There are also a few things you can do to keep the system running smoothly for you and for Textbroker.

Selecting Orders:

If the instructions are confusing or you do not like the keywords, leave the assignment for someone else. By accepting the assignment, you'll likely waste your time and the client's, and this will lead to frustration on all sides.

Choose subjects you know about or would like to know about. This not only makes your assignments more enjoyable; it also ensures quick turnaround. Once you're familiar with a subject, choose similar assignments to maximize gain. Just be sure to avoid repeating yourself or copying others.

Be Aware of Policies and Procedures:

Revision Requests:

Check back on the site to see if you've received any revision requests. Once a client makes a request, you will have 24 hours to make the changes. If you miss the deadline, your work will be lost, and the order will return to the queue. If you're quick, you can find the order again and accept it a second time. The system will bar you from future attempts to accept the assignment. Make sure to save your work to your hard drive.


Please sign and date your W-9 before submitting it via fax or snail mail. We cannot accept emailed forms. We will email you when we receive your W-9. You can find all the information about W-9s here: Accounting and Payoffs

Use the Blog or Forum First:

If you have a general question, look through the blog or forum first. Our authors have written several helpful posts and are often available to answer a quick question. When our editorial staff has to answer the same question over and over again, that's time we lose rating articles.

Contact the Client or Contact Textbroker:

If there's a problem with the content of your article, please contact the client. You can do so by clicking on the client ID followed by "write a message."

If there's a technical problem with your article or the system, please contact Textbroker. To do so, click on "Contact" on the top of the page. By submitting your question through our system, we also receive your author information. Please do not send a duplicate email to; we receive all system requests through the same email.

Please include the order ID or headline when you contact us so that we can get right to your request. If you are having an issue with your order, do not cancel the order or wait until the deadline has lapsed before contacting us.

As always, thank you for using your talents here at Textbroker!

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