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How to Order Content Automatically – Recurring Orders

The Recurring Order was created by Textbroker especially for those clients who frequently need up-to-date content on the same topics.

The Recurring Order was created by Textbroker especially for those clients who frequently need up-to-date content on the same topics. Recurring Orders make it possible for you to automatically have your regular orders sent out. If you need a weekly blog for the same site each week, for example, and don’t change your order briefing, then Recurring Orders are ideal. Easy to set up via the Textbroker interface, you just have to state how often new orders should be placed.

From the menu at the top of your screen, go to “Order administration – Recurring Orders”. Here, you’ll get an overview showing any current Recurring Order series with their order type and status as well as the interval at which they’re placed. You can deactivate and delete orders here, and you can also set up new ones. To do this, just click on ‘New Recurring Order’, which will bring up the familiar order briefing page. You can set up Recurring Orders as OpenOrders, DirectOrders or TeamOrders, which ensures your content will always be worked on by the author or authors of your choice or chosen quality level.

As usual, set your order up in a project and category, and then select a classification level, author or team for your work. Decide on the word count and how much time the author has to work on your content, counting from the moment they take on your order. Using the advanced options, you can make sure your content will be SEO optimized, too. Then, just set up your order briefing, give the order a title and enter your required keywords.

In the field marked “Cycle Settings,” you can decide when your order series will first be placed and how often the orders will be sent out thereafter. The end-date defines when your order will be placed for the last time. If there is no end date set, we suggest setting up a low-budget warning in your account so that you know when your balance is approaching a low point as your orders will only be placed automatically until your account balance has been used up.

You can set up your Recurring Orders now, even if you don’t want them to be sent out straight away. Just select the start date you need, even if this is well into the future. Once you’ve got everything else set up, just state how frequently you’d like your orders to be placed and whether these Recurring Orders should overwrite outstanding or incomplete orders in the series.

As soon as you’ve got the order form completed, you’ll be shown an overview of the order information as well as the maximum cost of each order in your series. Just click on ‘Place Binding Order’ to confirm and your orders will be activated after Textbroker has approved it. Remember, you can view, edit, deactivate or even delete your series under the Recurring Orders menu point.

With the Recurring Orders option, Textbroker makes it easy for you to automatically order your fresh content. We hope you enjoy great results with your new content!

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