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How to Find the Right Author at Textbroker

Learn some of the key ways to find the right Textbroker author to create great content for your website, business or brand.

You may already know that Textbroker is a great way to find a variety of authors who are ready to create content for your business. However, with so many authors to choose from, it can be challenging to settle on the right one for your needs. Fortunately, there is always an author who is the perfect fit, and these tips can ensure that you connect with that author and create valuable content.

Author Search Feature

When looking for a specialized author to work with, the hunt begins at the Author Search feature. Textbroker’s Author Search feature allows clients to find authors who are knowledgeable in specific topics at the quality level of their choosing.

To search authors, log into your account, and then:
1. Go to the “Authors” tab
2. Search Authors
3. Enter a keyword into the search box and set other search parameters
4. Click “Search”

Search by Price and Quality

One of the first concerns that clients have is whether they will be able to find an author who meets their quality standards. Fortunately, Textbroker has a classification system for all authors. Authors are placed into one of four levels, and work is regularly rated to ensure authors are delivering content that fits their classification. As a client, you can choose to work with an author that is at two, three, four or five stars, depending on your content needs and your budget.

Authors writing at the three-star level are often suitable for writing social media content while authors at the five-star level are going to create content that is professional, engaging and thoroughly researched. Ultimately, the level of quality you might need can depend on your budget or the type of content you plan to create.

Price is, of course, also a concern for clients who place orders through Textbroker. At Textbroker, clients pay per word, so the factors that impact the price you pay for each order include the length of the order and the author you choose. If you opt to place an Open Order, then any author in your chosen quality level, or higher, can select it and complete it. With Open Orders, you pay the going rate per word. If you want to work with a specific author, then you will pay their set price per word. Although these prices are set by the author and visible on their profiles. They typically reflect quality and demand, and they are sometimes also negotiable.

Find the Right Style for Your Content

Every single author has their own writing style. Some authors have a casual, conversational voice that resonates with young people. Others are used to writing in a very professional style that is best suited to well-researched papers. The right voice for your content will depend on your own brand image and voice. If you have positioned yourself to be a business that is current and trendy, then having an overly stuffy voice probably won’t sound authentic. Before you start to evaluate the style of the authors of Textbroker, think about what kind of voice or tone you would like to achieve with your content.

Once you have a firm grasp of the style that will work best for your content, you can start to explore author samples to find the right fit. All authors at Textbroker have a public profile that contains key information about them. Within that profile, most authors have a sample piece of writing that sums up the style they are most comfortable with. Spend some time reading through these samples until you find an author who has the kind of tone and voice you’re going for. Keep in mind that these samples are also a great opportunity to look at things like vocabulary and sentence structure. Although authors can and do change things depending on the order briefing, a lot of what you see in these samples will likely appear in any orders you place with them.

Secure an Author With Subject Knowledge

Writing, or at least writing well, is in and of itself a form of knowledge. At the same time, however, you still want to find an author who understands the subject matter you’ll be discussing in your content. If you are planning a series of blog posts summarizing the hottest women’s fashion trends of 2020, you probably don’t want to hire an author with no interest in fashion. Even if that author is an exceptional writer, they just won’t have the background knowledge to research fashion trends and know what to focus on in each post.

As you browse the profiles of various authors, take a look at their interests. You can also explore the places where they have traveled or the subjects they studied in school. All of this can paint a picture of the author and what subjects they will be familiar with. Of course, it also makes sense to communicate directly with the author if you have specific questions. If you’re creating content that requires in-depth knowledge, or if you want to work with an author who is passionate about a certain topic, a few messages back and forth can give you peace of mind that your chosen author is up to the task.

Keep in mind that authors can deliver great content even if they aren’t experts in your chosen area. This is especially true for general content that doesn’t require extensive research. In many cases, it is worth going with the strongest writer possible regardless of their background or areas of expertise.

Look for Clear and Timely Communication

Textbroker is designed so that clients and authors can communicate with ease. Through the messaging system, you can ask questions, get updates on order progress and supply authors with information they might need to create content. The messaging system can also be an early indicator of an author’s willingness to communicate and schedule. To send an author a message, simply click on the blue envelope icon located near their profile picture.

If you send an author a message through the Textbroker messaging system and don’t get a reply back within 24 hours, it might be a sign that they have many other projects going on at the same time. If you have strict deadlines for your content, then it may be better to choose an author who responds to messages promptly.

Don’t forget to use the messages as an indicator of writing quality. Although these messages don’t necessarily have to be held to the same quality standards as Direct, Open or Team Orders, they will reveal whether the author is prone to basic mistakes. A message filled with spelling and grammar mistakes might be a sign to keep searching for the perfect author. On the other hand, an author who is able to format messages well and write without errors is probably someone who takes pride in their work and their writing ability. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and use the messaging system fully in order to ensure you’re working with the right person for your upcoming projects.

Start With a Trial Order

Once you’re comfortable with an author and you feel that they are the right person to create your content, it is tempting to send off a dozen orders all at once. While this is an option, it is sometimes best to send out just one order to start the relationship. With this first order, you can ensure that the author you’re working with understands your needs, your brand’s voice and the style that you’re going for. If necessary, you can make requests to fine-tune the content and get exactly what you need. To place a DirectOrder with an author, click on the “Place a DirectOrder” button located on their profile.

If the first order doesn’t work out, it is better to know sooner than later. Perhaps the author didn’t fully understand the scope of the project, or maybe the style wasn’t the right fit. Should this happen, you’ll still be able to choose from a variety of other talented authors who can deliver additional orders.

Cast a Wide Net With Team and Open Orders

Once you have an established working relationship with an author at Textbroker, you’ll likely use Direct Orders. These are orders sent specifically to one author, and that author is the only person who can access them, work on them or submit them. Before you reach that stage, however, it might be worthwhile to explore Open Orders or Team Orders.

Open Orders go to the entire pool of authors at your desired quality and price level. If you submit 10 Open Orders, you may have 10 different authors each submit an order. This can be an excellent opportunity to compare a variety of writing styles. If one or two authors stand out, you can begin sending them Direct Orders and develop a closer writing relationship.

Another option is the use of Team Orders. If you’ve connected with multiple authors, you create a single team for them all. When you place a Team Order, it will only be accessible to those authors who you have added to the team. Once again, this is a great way to cast a wider net and have several authors submit orders, allowing you to compare styles, find the authors that best meet your content needs and continue to meet your deadlines. You can create a team by going to Authors>Teams. For assistance in creating a new team, please reach out to client support.

Give Authors the Tools Necessary to Create Exceptional Content

In the writing world, there is an acronym that also serves as a great reminder for clients: GIGO, or “garbage in, garbage out.” If you want an author to deliver exceptional, high-quality content, then make sure that they have all the resources they need to accomplish that goal. A clear and concise order briefing, noting the audience and setting a clear and realistic deadline are all ways to ensure that the author has everything necessary to deliver great content.

With more than 100,000 verified authors writing for Textbroker, it can seem impossible to narrow down all those choices and select just one to write your content. Fortunately, there are several ways to select the right author. The perfect Textbroker author can write content with your brand’s voice, adhere to your desired quality levels and come in at a price that fits your content budget.

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