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Mixing Business With Pleasure: How to Work While Traveling Abroad

One of the greatest advantages of being a freelance writer is the ability to pick up and go whenever you wish without having to take off time from work. Whether you’re enjoying a latte in a French bistro or listening the sounds of the surf on a sandy beach, you can work just about anywhere. To ensure nothing falls through the cracks while you’re wandering through the Mayan ruins, here are some helpful things to keep in mind.

Communication With Your Clients

First and foremost, communication is key. If you have regular clients that you work with, you’ll want to make sure that you let them know of your plans in advance, in case you’ll be away from your computer and not as responsive as usual. If you do plan to work while on vacation, you should be clear about your availability and check in daily in case you have a revision that needs completing or an urgent request from a valued client.

We also recommend that you set your away message if you don’t want to receive orders from new clients while you are out of town.

Avoid Distractions

It can be tempting to sit poolside sipping on piña colada while writing, but a pool full of splashing children may make it hard to concentrate. Instead, consider finding a place with fewer distractions. This may be a table at a local café, a spot under a tree on a lonely beach or even a chair in the hotel lobby. Using a pair of noise-canceling headphones or listening a playlist of your favorite music may help prevent your mind from wandering. Remember, clients still need quality content that meets their needs, so be sure you’re ready to focus your full attention on content creation before you sit down to work.

Be Prepared

When you plan to work in another country, you’ll want to ensure you’ll have everything you need. Some things to consider when packing:

  • An outlet converter for the country/countries you’ll be visiting

  • A laptop power bank in case you want to work outside

  • A laptop sun shade visor to block glare and afford you some privacy

  • An electronics waterproof carrying case to keep yourself organized

  • A portable laptop lap desk with retractable mouse pad for when table space is limited

Preventing loss of work due to your battery unexpectedly dying, or dropping your charging cord in the pool can also prevent a lot of unnecessary stress. Create yourself a checklist, and make sure you remember to pack everything you’ve listed the night before you depart. You may also want to check ahead with your hotel so that you know what to expect in terms of their Wi-Fi accessibility and costs.

File your Travel Plans With Textbroker

It’s also important to inform Textbroker that you’ll be traveling abroad to avoid interruptions to your account. For your security, Textbroker monitors authors’ login activity. Accounts that are accessed from unfamiliar locations may be flagged for potentially fraudulent activity. To protect your account, we automatically close these accounts pending an investigation and require documents from the authors to re-open the accounts.

This is great if your account really has been hacked, but it can be a source of stress when you’re traveling and trying to keep up with your Textbroker orders. To prevent any interruptions, we request that you file travel plans with us before leaving your normal country of residence and intend to continue working.

Please send an email to [email protected] to notify us of your travel plans. Your email should come from the address associated with your account. Please include the following:

  1. Your travel itinerary
    Include any layovers or stops in case you log into your account in an airport.
  2. The date when you will be returning to your home country

Please make sure to send this information well in advance of your travel so we can notify you of any stops in your travel plan that will cause issues for your account. We may ask for additional documentation if necessary.

Earning money while traveling is a necessity for many freelancers, and you’ll want to make sure your income isn’t disrupted while cruising the Mediterranean. Preplan and remain focused means without having to worry about whether you’ll be able to make ends meet by the end of your trip. Bon voyage!

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Troy Reeves 23. October 2019 - 19:54

I was wondering if I would be able to get started on any project. I have submitted samples of what I can do via this website and have never received confirmation as to if I can. I would love to work doing what I have a passion for. Please, make sure you send me something so that I can get started today.


TB Staff 28. October 2019 - 9:12

Thank you for your interest in being an author on our site! Please contact Author Services at [email protected] and they will be happy to assist you with this!


frederick 27. October 2019 - 18:12

This is a very helpful article. I decided to travel to the UK for a while to visit family there. I appreciated the fact that Textbroker was monitoring my log-ins to make sure that it was really me writing my articles. They were very helpful in getting this sorted out. So, if you’re planning on traveling and continuing to work, be sure to notify TB as soon as possible.


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