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How To Track Results From Content Marketing

In order to effectively analyze your results from content marketing, you will need to use a software program that provides a wide variety of information, such as the geographical location and the age range of each user, the amount of time for which a visitor remains on particular pages and the webpage that each guest has visited before reaching your website. The most efficacious program that provides this information is Google Analytics.

Setting Up The Software

Before using the program, you must create an account with Google. Next, you can visit, and once you provide the domain of your website, Google will send you a unique HTML code that will be placed on your site.

You can opt to only put the code on the main page of your website, but if a client would like to track detailed conversion rates and determine which links each user clicks when browsing particular pages, the web designer will have to install the code on all of the website’s pages.

Customizing Your Information And Analytics

Once the code has been added to your website, you should be able to view live data from your site within 24 hours. At this point in the process, you can determine which keywords users typed into a search engine in order to reach your high-quality content.

Furthermore, you will have the ability to select certain metrics that can be tracked, such as the conversion rates of particular articles or advertisements and the number of pages that each user visited. In order to alter the types of statistics that are provided, you do not need to change the code on your website.

Analyzing Numerous Types Of Traffic

The statistics will allow you to determine which links and other websites are providing the largest number of visitors. Additionally, Google Analytics will show the web designer certain details of each user, such as the type of mobile device that a visitor is using to access the site and whether or not the guest has ever visited the website in the past.

The Effects Of Social Media Networks 

By placing one of the tools that was created by AddThis on your website, you can allow guests to share your articles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest with the click of a button. Moreover, the company’s software will show you the number of times that your website has been shared on each of the social media networks.

Engaging Your Website’s Visitors 

Google Analytics will allow you to determine the bounce rate of every article on your website and the amount of time for which each user views a post. The web designer can also see statistics indicating which text ads, banners or links users have clicked while they were viewing a specific article.

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