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How Writer Research Affects the Entire SEO Community

Simply copying, spinning or paraphrasing from content that is already published contributes to website failure. Here's how to avoid it.

Today we have a guest post from Brian Hanson.

My name is Brian Hanson. I am part of a team of successful Internet entrepreneurs at this website. We provide consulting services, perform expert SEO and provide mentorship to aspiring Internet marketers that want to be successful making money online.

When I started out in search engine optimization, I knew very little about what type of content attracts the average web user. I could only determine the difference between reading an article that helped me and one that did not. It was not until I began evaluating my success and failure that I realized how important it is to have good content.

From 2000 to 2011, SEO was really easy. I could hire a freelance writer and attract a huge amount of traffic to my client’s websites. I had a regular system of content that was written and distributed online and things were going great. Then one day Google changed the entire SEO community forever. Internet marketers are now trying their best to survive in the Panda era.

It was frustrating to see my own websites and my client’s websites failing. It took me many months before I nailed down the actual cause of the failures. When I found out that the quality of my content was very bad, I was shocked and disappointed. I had to do something and I needed to do it fast.

The Google Panda update put an end to content indexed in search engines that is low quality, spun or copied from other sources online. The research that writers do when writing an article or blog post is now more important than ever before. Since we found Textbroker, we have noticed that the quality of four-star writers is very good. The writers that we work with at this level know how to do great research and it shows in the end result of our content.

As an SEO specialist, I have a responsibility to my clients to provide them with content that is written well and that is researched expertly. The days of content writers using blogs, Wikipedia or article directories for research to write articles and blog posts are now over. Google requires that all new content submitted for indexing to be completely unique. Every content writer that is writing for a third party should keep in mind the impact that their research and writing will have on clients.

Writing unique content inspires writers to push the envelope of creativity. I personally use Textbroker writers to write informative content that takes a different perspective from the obvious, but still delivers the main points that I request. This fresh approach opens up new a new source of information to web users that read this content. It is this type of writing that is getting more traffic online for my network of websites.

I would like other Textbroker clients to understand the research that writers are doing today is essential for the content that generates business for clients tomorrow. Simply copying, spinning or paraphrasing from content that is already published online is contributing to the failure of websites worldwide that depend on quality content. Using news sources, university journals and other up-to-date information provides one of the best ways to ensure that research and the finished content remains fresh.

When creating content orders for Textbroker authors, it is helpful to be very descriptive and explain exactly what you need. This will help every client avoid the very problems that I have experienced. Assembling a team of top Textbroker authors that know how to research will help bring steady web traffic to any website.

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