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Icebergs in the Content Marketing Waters

In order to avoid potential pitfalls, Textbroker takes author feedback seriously.

Captain Edward J. Smith was by all accounts a top-notch sea captain. His reputation was so esteemed that the White Star Line tapped him to head the world’s greatest ship, the RMS Titanic, during its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City in 1912.

Beginning the morning of April 14, the ship’s crew started receiving warnings of ice in its path across the Atlantic Ocean. The first warning came from the RMS Caronia around 9 a.m. reporting “bergs, growlers and field ice.” A second warning came during the early afternoon from the RMS Baltic. Smith passed the message along to a chairman of the White Star Line who did not post it until hours later.

Around 7 p.m., a third ice warning was sent from the SS Californian, which had anchored nearby, waiting for morning to proceed through the icy waters. It is believed that the Titanic’s wireless operator was too busy dealing with a large amount of personal messages from passengers to be sent to the mainland to hear the warning.

Finally, at nearly midnight, crew members of the Titanic spotted the iceberg. It was too late to avoid it, and the world’s largest ship afloat sank.

It can be easy to overlook warning signs when running headlong toward a goal. However, even the smallest concerns can quickly escalate into a massive failure. At Textbroker, we strive to provide the best experience for not only our clients but also our authors. In order to do this, it is imperative that authors inform us of potential problems.

Author Services takes author feedback seriously. If authors have questions or concerns about an order, keyword, order briefing, mask or the TB system itself, they can always reach out to Authors should also send suggestions for improving team or author experiences with Managed Clients in general. Send an idea via email to or post it in the author forum under the “Room for improvements” thread.

Authors will never be penalized for criticizing a set of TeamOrder briefings. Author Services encourages authors to speak out if they feel order briefings are too cumbersome, seem unfair or are confusing. When contacting Author Services about any such matters, it is helpful to be as specific as possible. Note the team name and order/headline and client ID numbers. Send screenshots when necessary. There is also an ability to rate order briefings.

Last week, it was apparent that a particular team was struggling to complete the nearly 600 orders that were available. When prompted, authors reported that the order briefing was convoluted and presented far too much information, making the orders less worthwhile than those for other teams. Textbroker employees revised and restructured the briefing, and the project was completed before the deadline. This is the system working.

It’s the best organizations that adapt to challenges that arise. Textbroker may not always get it right the first time, but through open avenues of communication and consistent cooperation, together we can profit and provide our clients with the best content possible, all while avioding the icebergs in the water.

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Wow! What a way of making writing more interesting!


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