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401733 24. June 2014 - 0:58

 I actually  became  acquainted with the FANBOYS  three years ago.    For years I always believed there should be  a comma before  the word  but.  I just happened to notice in some classic  novels  written  by such people  as   harriet Beecher Stowe, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, and others  that  sometimes  there wasn't a comma  before the word  but.  I decided to google  the rule on commas  before  but  .  Eventually, it  took me  to the FANBOYS.   I went through  about  a dozen sites  because  I could not  find  a site that would  explain  the rule  so I could  understand it.  

It went  like this.   If you have  a complete thought  after the word but  or  any of the FANBOYS,  put  a comma  before the word  but.   If you have an incomplete thought  after the word but or   any of  the FANBOYS   don't  put  anything.   

I just want to say, your  explanation of the  comma  before  but rule  is  just  perfect.   In fact,  you  went  as far as to tell me  what  kind of  a word   but is.   Of course it is  a coordinating conjunction.   

What  evaluations  I have gotten from Textbroker is over my head, other  than   the spacing problems.  Putting brackets around  words  means nothing to me.   When  I get  my  first  five accepted articles evaluated,  I hope  that  the  mistakes  are  explained to me  as  clearly  as the  coordinating  conjunction and comma  rule.


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