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Improve Business By Knowing Your Customers

If you’re the proprietor of the Mayberry malt shop, it’s easy to know your customers. However, what happens when you expand your business and create an online presence? How do you know why customers bounce from your landing pages or what they think of you when you can no longer ask them directly?

Site analysis plays an integral role in understanding your clientele. You’ll learn where they come from, how they move through your site and how long they stay. While numbers alone don’t tell a complete story, this raw data becomes an outline for a more thorough understanding of your clientele. People love to talk about themselves, and on-site polls make you a great listener. Frequent single-question polls on your site can guide your short-term marketing efforts. For example, a restaurateur looking to expand his menu might poll site visitors about their favorite main courses. Knowing whether diners prefer spicy dishes or milder flavors could make the difference between a Cajun chicken special that flies out of the kitchen or a fish dish that flounders.

Blogs are an incredibly powerful tool for building customer knowledge. If information in your blog flows only from you to your customers, you’re missing an opportunity. Open-ended blog posts with a conversational tone encourage active participation from customers. Regular posting attracts more customer interest, so keep your blog fresh. An article writing service updates your blog with customized posts as often as you like.

While the primary purpose of your blog is business, it shouldn’t be all work. Widen your focus to include articles designed to pique your clients’ interest. Supermarkets don’t accidentally set those tempting rounds of sponge cake near the strawberries; they’re marketing by association. Blogging about a discount on dresses may spur a few sales, but a suite of tailor-made articles about picking the right dress for various figure types will send sales soaring if they happen to include your latest styles.

An active blog with meaningful content also encourages sharing via social networking sites. Give your customers a reason to follow you on Twitter or like you on Facebook, and they’ll do much of your marketing for you. Relevant, targeted articles weave your company’s name into thousands of conversations via social media. Leaving the content to the professionals ensures that you stay on the good side of the search engines while expanding your social media presence.

Site analytics reveal your target market clearly. An article writing service creates custom content to reach that market. Social networks broaden your appeal. All of these elements begin with greater customer knowledge. You may start in Mayberry, but you can conquer the world if you know your market.

Written by Textbroker Author Whitney

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