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If you’re reading this you’re interested in increasing sales with eBay product descriptions. eBay is one of the best online platforms to sell your products. Even if you have your own e-commerce website, adding your products to eBay can give you an incredible boost to your sales. Writing eBay product descriptions that go beyond the hum-drum everyday ones that customers see on the platform will help you grab and attract more traffic, resulting in higher monthly sales.

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How to Increase Sales WitheBay Product Descriptions


How you create your eBay product description plays a huge role in attracting potential customers to your eBay site and converting them into buying clients. Although you won’t find hard and fast eBay product description rules, the company does recommend writing a catchy title that includes a keyword to entice shoppers to read your listing and ultimately become buyers.

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Where Should I Place My Keywordsin My eBay Product Description?

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The first place you should use a keyword is in the headline. Writing a catchy, memorable headline is the first step in engaging your audience and prompting them to click through to your product description. You only have 80 characters to capture your audience, so make sure that you use one of the top three keywords. Use another one in your first sentence, and then spread them evenly through the description.

You need to have the right keywords too, so where do you find them? Not only will Google use your keywords to drive traffic to your listing, so will eBay’s search engine, Cassini. If you have a Basic eBay store or higher, consult Terapeak insights, a free service you get with your subscription. You can also consult keyword research tools to cross-reference your selections and ensure you have the right ones.


Make It Easy to Skim and Read

eBay shoppers know what they want. What your product description should do is provide them with the information they need in an easy-to-read manner. Short sentences and short paragraphs are a must. Group similar information in the same paragraphs and use bullet points to increase readability. Include the following information:

  • Details like size, color, shape and notable markings

  • Item conditions like new or used, and any possible flaws

  • Extras that you include

  • How the item is packaged

List Product Benefits at the Top


Highlighting product benefits first is a great way to reel in your customers. Start with the most important ones as you’ll convince customers who are ready to buy. This point is key in how to write eBay descriptions, as most potential buyers only read what is at the top of your listing instead of what is further down. Use the inverted pyramid style of writing when structuring your listing, where you start with broad information that will appeal to the most people and then narrow it down to information that will only interest a few. This tactic is beneficial if you want to include manufacturer recommendations.


eBay Product Descriptions
Best Practices

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Keep It Short

The eBay Catalogue Best Practices Guide indicates that the platform limits product descriptions to 4,000 characters. That number translates to approximately 615 to 800 words. The eBay product description word limit applies to listings created with the website’s listing generator tool. However, you’ll notice that some listings are much longer. eBay product description rules do not cover listings that you may format with WordPress plug-ins.

Nevertheless, a good product description will only use the number of words necessary to impart all essential information. Seller policies, especially, should be as concise as possible as eBay’s money-back guarantee overrides your own policies when you sell products on their platform. Long sections with company policies look overwhelming and can be a turn-off for potential buyers, especially when they are shopping on a mobile device.

What Should I Put in My eBay Descriptions?

Although you need to pay attention to best SEO practices so your product can be found, remember that you are writing for people, not search engines. Think about what your audience wants to know, how you can solve their problems or fulfill their needs. Details are your best friends.

Include Images

Customers love photos too. Every listing must have at least one. If possible, try to get professional photos of your products. You can also add videos to your listing as long as they conform to eBay’s Image and Videos Policy.

How to Add Photos to eBay Descriptions

Every listing can include up to 12 photos. The company’s product description generator is easy to use. Just click on the photo section of the generator and add the number of photos you want. Show your product from multiple angles to entice your customers. If you use WordPress, the plug-in Lister-Lite or Lister-Pro allows you to upload product description photos with a few clicks.

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Ways To Outsource eBay Product Descriptions

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If you have no idea how to write an eBay product description for your store, you have several choices that will allow you to create an eBay product description. Let’s look at each of these ways that will help you create a product description for eBay.

eBay Product Description Generator

Sellers will find several product description generators that can save oodles of time if you’re setting up an eBay store with hundreds of products. These product description generators are online tools that use sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques to generate descriptions. While this route can save you a lot of time, you also must know the ideal length for your product type. Using generators for product descriptions can speed up your placements, but they can also be expensive, meaning they may not be most effective for inexpensive products.

eBay Product Description Builder

These tools, also called template builders, are geared towards sellers who have a lot of products to list at once. Templates save sellers a lot of time if they put the same information, such as warranties, in every listing. The drawback to description builders and templates is that all your listings tend to look the same, and you won’t differentiate yourself from your competitors.

eBay Product Description Scraper

You may not have heard of a product description scraper, particularly if you are new to e-commerce and eBay. Product description scrapers are tools, available as a Chrome extension or software, that allow you to scrape data about a group of products or a specific item from eBay listings. The scraper enables you to export the information into Excel, CSV, and similar file types, providing you with crucial information such as price, keywords, and the like. While a scraper can give you essential information for your listing, you still have to write it, so you could spend considerable time and money without completing a description.

eBay Product Description Tool

eBay gives you an easy way to get started with product listings through its Quick Listing Tool. The tool will give you suggestions on how to start your listing and what category you should place your listing within the platform. The tool gives you suggestions from similar items, so you may not find the exact information you need and still need to write the descriptions to fit your needs. This tool is geared more towards finding the proper category and pricing, and is less concerned with creating text. While you don’t have to pay for this tool, you could end up with a boring description that won’t spark sales.

Freelance Writers

Working with a freelance writer will result in a more creative eBay product description, that’s if the professional you choose knows how to write one. Writing product descriptions that sell is a specialized task that not all writers can perform. Freelance writers give you the human connection that artificial intelligence, software, and internet tools won’t provide. However, you have no guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the descriptions your freelancer writes. You also have no control over how long the job will take. On the other hand, you may be ultimately pleased with the work you get, yet going this route can be expensive.


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eBay Descriptions FAQ

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Can I put links to Amazon in eBay descriptions?

Nope, eBay doesn’t allow sellers to put links in listings that direct customers to Amazon or any other website.

Can I put a link to another eBay product in a description?

Well, you certainly can. In the Marketing Tools section of your eBay account, choose “cross-promote my items” to allow customers to see other items in your store at checkout. eBay also allows you within their product description generator to create links to your store, which shows you other available products.

How can I add a clickable link to my eBay listing description?

Again, within Bays product listing generator, you can create a link to another page on the website. Just go to the category, store page, or search that you want to link and copy the URL from the top address bar, then paste it on your page. It’s that simple.

Can I use other people’s descriptions on eBay?

Yes, you can, but you can’t exactly use other people’s descriptions for your product on eBay. The company will not forbid you from using terminology produced, for example, by the manufacturer, such as size, weight, color, and other commonly used phrases, but you are better off crafting your own description to make it unique.

Can I use a copy of my product page as an eBay description?

If you have information on your blog or website that contains additional information about your product, you can include a link to that page as long as your own webpage does not include links to other external websites. However, you cannot use an exact copy of a product page on your website to create your eBay product listing, as doing so constitutes copyright infringement.

How do I format Bay descriptions?/Should I use HTML in eBay descriptions?

The eBay product description makes it easy for your to format your listing. The default product description in the item description area simply allows you to create the listing in Arial 14-point type, but by clicking advanced, you can customize your eBay product description with various fonts, sizes, colors, bullet points, headlines, etc. Use short sentences and paragraphs, along with bullet points for product features to increase readability. Using HTML is unnecessary, although eBay gives you the opportunity to do so, unless you want greater control over how the listing appears. If your e-commerce website uses WordPress, you can use various plug-ins to generate a unique eBay product description.

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