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Innovative Content Marketing Ideas through Lucrative Brands

From mixing up the type of company posts on social media to incorporating humor in new ways in your content marketing efforts, it’s important to keep content fresh and interesting. Take a closer look at three companies that have mastered content creation and how they did it.

From mixing up the type of company posts on social media to incorporating humor in new ways in your content marketing efforts, it’s important to keep content fresh and interesting. Take a closer look at three companies that have mastered content creation and how they did it.

Ikea: Furniture and Marketing

The furniture store Ikea knows how to effectively market. The business, which reported profits of around 27.9 billion euros in the 2013 fiscal year, has regularly packaged its ideas and products using high-quality content marketing. It doesn’t always need to be an elaborate magazine or an online community – sometimes very simple resources will suffice as the following example shows.

Low budget and high enthusiasm

In 2009, Ikea had great success with a simple Facebook campaign. On its fan page, the company published several photos of a fully furnished Ikea showroom and invited fans to label the individual furnishings with their name. The one who managed to tag an object first with their name and details got to take the item home.

Although, strictly speaking, the action violated Facebook guidelines, users annotated and tagged hundreds of photos that spread virally across the social network. Within a short time, users asked for more photos. Ikea then repeated the marketing trick with a video, thus extending the idea beyond the confines of Facebook. The furniture company connected with and inspired its users very simply and scored a great marketing success.

What can we learn from them?

Sometimes a marketing victory can be achieved at little cost. So dare to think innovatively – even on a small scale. However, it is important to engage your audience and encourage them to interact, if possible, with more than a simple “comment on this” or a “like for that.” Let your users experience a feeling of belonging and perhaps stimulate their competitive spirit. What seems like a small objective can often be great incentive.

Fast Company: Look Beyond to See the Bigger Picture

With an editorial focus on technology, design and business, the US magazine Fast Company sees itself as the world’s leading business media brand. Through its content, the magazine seeks to inspire its readers and users to look beyond boundaries, which will initiate conversations that will inform and shape the future of business – an impressive goal for a magazine. features topics with a fresh, ambitious feel and is bursting with bold statements, creativity and innovative perspectives — a solid foundation for good content marketing.

Pure infotainment

While it may seem ridiculous for a magazine to drive content marketing, it’s important to be aware that the main purpose of the magazine is to produce content – not content that “promotes” the company. But the contributions to are not only an ideal advertisement for the print edition, but they are also a perfect infotainment content marketing strategy.

With its “Infographic of the day,” the magazine demonstrates how you can inform users without boring them. Each day, the page runs an interesting topic using a designed infographic and usually accompanied by text. The range runs from rather curious subjects, such as esoteric symbols hidden behind user interfaces, to hard facts, such as an overview of anticipated life expectancy in different countries. Using graphics, the editors persuade readers to look outwards and see the bigger picture. And with great success: The features regularly bring hundreds of likes, tweets and comments.

What can we learn from them?

The Fast Company “Infographic of the Day” demonstrates two important things:

1. Information shouldn’t be boring; you can simultaneously entertain and inform your readers. And a successful combination of the two pays off.

2. Be a pioneer and tread your own path. This is the only way to produce original content offering real added value for the reader. By all means, occasionally dare to try a new, unusual or extravagant topic, rather than choosing the same one repeatedly.

Content Marketing Tip:

As Bugs Bunny understood: “Laughter is the best medicine.” It stimulates “happiness hormones” and positive feelings. And because good content marketing plans to do the same, our content marketing tip is this: Make your users laugh.

An example of how this works is the “Nightmares Fear factory” near Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. The visitor attraction operators have managed to connect fearful trembling with laughter, which provides their visitors with positive associations and brings more traffic to their website.

The “Nightmares Fear Factory” is a haunted house where visitors are captured on photo or video being scared. Snapshots of the sufferers are then published on the company’s website and in their Flickr photostream. The hair-raising results include, for example, men hiding behind their girlfriends in poses that seem to say, “If I close my eyes, then I won’t see anything.” The big scare gives way to relief, followed by lots of laughter when looking at the pictures, which generates positive emotions, gains satisfied users AND increases traffic to the webpage.

For other examples of companies of who have mastered content marketing campaigns and lessons to be learned from them, see the Textbroker Blog.


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