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  • Keywords: Brief explanation
  • Keywords: Detailed explanation
  • The role of keywords in SEO
  • The role of keywords in paid advertising
  • Conclusion


Keywords: Brief Explanation

Keywords refer to the terms that people use to search for information in search engines like Google.  Based on these search terms, or keywords, the search engine looks for websites that match the inquiry. Some keywords are very competitive because many other sites use these keywords to describe the content they have on their site.

Keywords: Detailed Explanation

People search the Internet for information, and they use the search function on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The search engine looks for relevant sites that have content containing that keyword, so they can match the right sites to the query. Therefore, most companies try to find the right mix of keywords and content so that search engines will drive traffic to their website. Keywords can be a single word or a combination or words called long-tail keywords.

Search engines aim to provide users with the most relevant search results for each query. Therefore, they use complex algorithms to scan sites for relevant content so they can make the best match possible for the user. For this reason, keyword choice, placement and density play a crucial role in the amount of traffic that a site gets from search engines.

Role of keywords in search engine optimization

To optimize content for search, many companies spend significant time and effort researching keywords that have a high search volume with little competition. If they have content and website data that contains these keywords, search engines will display their website to people searching for those terms. That means more traffic to their site and more potential to attract customers.

Search engines scan website content like landing pages, blogs and downloadable resources for keywords. This content should contain keywords to attract the attention of search engines. It is important to identify the right keywords and place them in the right places in the text. Since the algorithms of each search engine are unknown, it is impossible to know exactly what keywords to use, where to place them and how frequently to use them. However, it is a best practice to choose words that most accurately describe the content on the page and to use them in headers and titles and the metadata of the site.

Additionally, many experts recommend to avoid a too high keyword density as Google classifies this as so-called “keyword stuffing” and could penalize the site.

Role of keywords in paid advertising

Keywords are also used in paid advertising. The advertisements are also based on keyword searches. Keyword advertising is an integral part of the online marketing mix of many companies. When someone searches for a keyword, an advertisement will appear in search results. When users click on that advertisement, the company pays for the ad. This is called Pay-Per-Click.

There are several tools that can help to find the right keywords for content. Google Adwords, for example, offers a free keyword planner that helps you find the right keywords and create a keyword list.


Keywords are an important factor for ranking a website in search engines. Based on keywords, search engines display the most relevant content for each query. It is important to create content that has the right mix of the placement, frequency and density of keywords.


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