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Keywords in Content Strategy

Last week, Matt from Keyword Eye discussed how to find and sort keywords. Now that you have them, how do you rank for them?

This is where your content strategy comes in. In our webinars and on the blog, we’ve talked about finding your audience and setting your brand strategy, or how you want to interact with your audience. Now we can add in the keywords to create great, shareable content. Here are three ideas to get started.


You certainly can give an author the keyword phrase as the title of your article, but a powerful title can set the tone of the article without much further instruction. Let the authors generate titles for you based on your keyword, and then send the best titles out for authors to create full articles.

Daisy-chain articles

A lesser-used content strategy for your top keywords is to daisy-chain topics together. One keyword phrase is the main topic of the article, and the other appears once. For example, your article on bathroom suites will link to bathroom cabinets, and your article on bathroom cabinets will link to bathroom storage. This is a good strategy to interlink articles within your site, keeping visitors on the page and providing them with important information. The Penguin Update has affected link-building, so be careful not to go overboard with daisy chains. Include one or two internal links to keep the article – and your readers – focused.

Landing Pages

Landing pages that mirror the exact keyword phrase fulfill a searcher’s expectations, reducing bounce rates and increasing time spent on your site. Many retailers build mini-sites off of these landing pages to focus specifically on niche products using their best keywords.

These strategies can supplement blog posts, social media and article-based marketing tactics, and a re-write can re-purpose the same content for these traditional forms. What ways do you see keywords influencing content strategy?

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