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Landing Page Basics

Nicole goes over the basics of a landing page, including their purpose and structure, and gives writers excellent resources for crafting solid landing pages.


Writing A Landing Page

by Textbroker Author Nicole

Requests for professional writers are growing as Google raises the bar for quality content. Meanwhile, new technology is granting small business owners greater access to tools that enable them to tap into the power of Internet marketing. This has generated an unprecedented demand for Textbroker writers to create new types of marketing content, such as landing pages.

What is a Landing Page?
For consumers, a landing page is a stand-alone web page that acts as a gateway, pointing them to the exact information they are seeking. For business owners, a landing page is one of the best ways to capture quality customer leads and the attention of search engines.

By providing relevant content, whether it is a map, coupon or trial program, a well-written landing page can boost a website’s credibility with visitors and search engines. Google loves landing pages that are original, transparent and easy to navigate. The quality of the landing page experience can increase a website’s AdWords Quality Score, strengthen advertising position, lower ad costs and improve search result rankings.

Landing pages designed for personal computers typically include contact data fields with a strong call to action. Most often, visitors receive a reward for willingly handing over their email address or clicking the Like button on Facebook. Offering a limited-time coupon, announcing an upcoming sale, advertising an imminent seminar or providing a link for a free e-book enables the website to engage with customers and gain valuable insights about its visitors.

Due to its size, a mobile landing page usually provides only basic information, such as a phone number, hours of operation and a link to Google maps, information that is especially helpful to smartphone users on the go. Considering that half of smartphone owners ditch a company simply because it provides a mediocre mobile-friendly experience, reports a September 2012 Google survey, savvy business owners are discovering it pays substantially to invest in a landing page.

Since a landing page has the potential to generate better results than keyword searches and increase conversion rates, website owners often get a quick return on their investment. A main website and each product page can have its own landing page that contains a personalized sales pitch for a specific audience. Using a customized URL, visitors arrive at a landing page through a variety of channels, including search engine results, text messages, email newsletters, online ads and even QR codes — those square squiggly boxes you scan with a smartphone.

Key Elements of a Landing Page
Although website and mobile landing pages may look a bit different, the key elements remain the same. Since its sole function is to capture quality leads, a good landing page must balance the client’s sales pitch with genuine respect for the visitor’s time. Focus the copy on the benefits the customer receives without overselling or under-delivering on any promises.

As a writer, your goal is to provide only the most important information in the most succinct package. You need to craft keyword-driven copy that contains no fluff, employs action verbs and features three strong calls to action. The wording remains simple so that the message is clear: If you buy this product, sign up for this newsletter, subscribe to this blog or download this white paper, then you receive something useful in exchange. Alongside answering the “what” of the features, you must include the “why” of the benefits.

You want to strike a tone that is both professional and inviting. A landing page is not as casual as a blog, and it does not have words that scream at you in crazy colors, caps or italics. Most importantly, clarity is prized above creativity. Draw customers in using a second person point of view — you and your — and use bullet points to keep the copy clear and the page design clean. A strong statistic placed at the beginning can also make a powerful, eye-catching statement.

To attract attention, the strongest keywords must appear in an engaging headline, in the text and in the call to action. Those keywords should be similar to those appearing on the next web page customers are directed toward. Since Google does not allow landing pages to generate pop-up windows, all the important details about the company or incentive are contained on one page. Google doles out penalties to landing pages that do not send visitors to the right location, so you must include only one link to a specific web page.

Landing Page Resources for Writers
Several writers have posted in the forums about their reluctance to tackle unfamiliar types of copy. Writing a landing page is an ideal way to explore unknown territory and hone your talent at excising the fluff. It is also a quickly growing yet largely untapped technology, so if you sharpen your skills early in the game, you will have a highly marketable skill to offer your clients.

If you are ready to dig in to learning more about landing pages, these informative resources address the intricacies of writing search engine optimized landing pages.


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