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Useful Tips for Successful Landing Page Content

Landing pages offer almost unlimited opportunities to advertise and distribute information, and they can strongly influence customer decisions.


In this blog, we won’t address how users navigate to your landing page (e.g. via an organic search, search engine advertising, or social media.) Instead, we’ll focus on the content your visitors see when they arrive.


Why Should You Consider Using a Landing Page?

Landing pages provide access to information or products sought by a specific target group. The content they provide serves to produce or strengthen user interest in a particular offer. Users should be given access to the requisite information or products with minimal effort.

Users visit a landing page because:

– They want to receive information.

– They wish to buy products.

– They would like to request a product or service offer.

– They want to register for a community, service, event, etc.

A landing page operator is primarily concerned with identifying contacts, gaining leads, and selling products and services.


Communicate Value with Headlines and Text

Landing pages should project an aura of exclusivity – the reader should be provided with quality content that cannot be gained anywhere else. This starts off with your headline. If this is unconvincing, it’s likely that many readers will exit the page immediately. Don’t use the headline to promote your company or its services. Instead, clearly inform the reader how he or she will benefit from your landing page. What content would he or she expect to solve a specific problem? The headline itself can be supplemented and supported by a smaller subheading.

The primary purpose of landing page content is to satisfy user needs. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – their direct feedback, praise (and even complaints) show you what people want. Visit forums and networks where your target audience is active – this will give you important clues about their concerns. Create solutions and feature them on your landing pages. If possible, use the same language as your target group because this helps create common ground.

Solving problems for your readers is an effective way to promote your products and services. However, it’s essential that the benefits are clearly communicated. For example, if you sell kitchen mixers, you will obviously detail the features of these appliances. But rather than making vague claims, provide a comprehensive description of the delicious meals that can be prepared with your mixers and how easy they are to operate. With machines or applications, videos or infographics can be very effective to illustrate a product’s benefits.

If you can provide evidence of the quality of your offer in an objective and credible way, this alone can be enough to encourage a customer to purchase. After all, customers only get to your landing page because they are looking for a solution.


SEO and Call-to-action

Because many users reach a landing page after researching and using their own initiative, SEO also has an important role to play. We have already published several articles on the topic of search engine optimization that can be used as initial guides.

All the work you put into your landing page will be in vain if your users don’t receive a clear prompt to respond. This call-to-action should appear at least once on the page as an eye-catching button. How you lead the reader to this button will mostly depend on what you offer. Ultimately, the content on your entire page should be aimed at encouraging your visitor to accept your offer.


Social Evidence – The Testimonial Is One of Your Biggest Assets

Social proof consists of credible positive reviews written by people who have already used an offer or product, often called testimonials. Such testimonials are an essential building block for successful landing pages. It’s important to place emphasis on credible examples; evaluations that are obviously fake will not impress your consumers.

Make sure you don’t use excessive or ecstatic customer reviews. It’s better to rely on appraisals that communicate well without superlatives and that give other customers a clear idea of the benefits they can expect.


Layout and Design

Even good content won’t be effective if your landing page is not designed to look fresh and aesthetically pleasing. Many readers may lose their enthusiasm. Keep in mind that your layout must appeal to your specific target group.

It’s advisable to use the same visual style as the ads or articles that brought users to your page. This allows those who have shown interest to continue reading seamlessly without having to reorient themselves.

Summarize all the information in meaningful paragraphs. This reduces the reading effort by avoiding endless text blocks that don’t give the eyes a chance to rest.

Images and infographics can visually enhance the flow of your text as well as provide further explanation and a more vivid and appealing context. When supported by appropriate captions and descriptive text, they can also boost the SEO ranking of your page.


Examples of Successful Landing Pages

Oli Gardner, co-founder of Unbounce, offers free courses on Conversion by Landing Page via his own short, but crisply designed page.


The page header is convincing because it’s supported by a large illustration and clear statements in the main headline and subheading. A call-to-action follows, together with an explanation of what the course covers and who it’s suitable for. Some brief information about the author and a testimonial round off the page. The layout sections being slightly offset help to skillfully guide the eyes.


Data Dwell offers solutions for digital asset management. A demo version of Data-Dwell software can be ordered on the landing page.

Data Dwell

Here, too, the call-to- action is very prominent. In addition to core product features, some credible and impressive references are introduced right away. Then, the advantages of the software are explained using concise text and graphics. The prominent text “Don’t take our word for it” boldly draws attention to the testimonial text.



Create your landing page with a focus on one central theme. Take time to find a concise headline which includes everything that makes your offer special. List all the important features and benefits your product or service provides. Place your call-to-action where it’s clearly visible so prospective customers will notice it immediately.

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