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Five-Star Legal Writing Service for Your Law Firm

It is a necessity for law firms to create evergreen content that is published regularly.  Textbroker can help you scale your content marketing strategy fast, keeping you ahead of the competition.

How Is Law Content Different?

In today’s fast-paced world, it is beneficial for law firms to have a well-rounded marketing plan.  One of the most effective ways to support online marketing efforts is to hire a legal content writer.

Regardless of your legal specialty or size of firm, there are numerous benefits of hiring a content writer.  Legal content writing can be difficult and time-consuming.  However, if done correctly, it can elevate your business with growth, saving you time and money.

Why do you need an expert content writer for your firm or legal service? 

There are many reasons why content marketing is essential to your law firm’s success.

Previously, lawyers relied on word of mouth for business; maybe even a referral from a colleague.  While word of mouth is still incredibly important, online marketing gives attorneys the ability to showcase their skills and specialties, while offering clients easy access to find legal support.

When seeking legal advice, it’s common for potential clients to compare legal services offered and credentials.  Potential clients are likely to review testimonials to gain further insight regarding your practices and success rate.

All of this research creates a highly competitive space for attorneys, which means your content marketing strategy is critical. To be effective, the following components should be included:


  • Blog posts on legal news or topics
  • Biographies of staff
  • Industry guides
  • Practice area pages
  • Social media
  • Email marketing


Your law firm should focus on two unique audiences.  The first is search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) to ensure your content is properly read and interpreted.  Search engines determine where your content ranks in the search results as it responds to individual online queries from consumers.  The second audience is your potential prospects, after they have found your online profile or content.  Your content marketing for both audiences should be updated regularly, demonstrating your continued expertise and helping you stay relevant in the industry.

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5 Reasons to Hire Textbroker for Your Legal Content 

There are many reasons to hire a legal writer.  While most business owners want to take the lead regarding content, using a content creator can provide cost and time savings with an additional level of marketing expertise to help you stay competitive.  Here are some reasons to consider an expert to help with your legal content needs.

More Time to Focus On The Law Firm 

Many firms don’t rely on content writers because they often require their own attorneys to craft content themselves.  

By using a content creator like Textbroker, in-house counsel can focus on legal matters, not marketing content.  Additionally, law firms can scale content faster with Textbroker.

Content for the Average Consumer (h3)

Attorneys by habit are known to write technical content.  However, legal technical content may not translate well into content that is needed to attract an online audience or high rankings within search engines.

Lawyers who write are producing content for judges and opposing counsels, which is very detailed.  In comparison, a law firm’s content should be accurate information about legal issues, but reader friendly for the average consumer with simplified and understandable concepts.  An exceptional legal writer has the ability to reframe the content in a way that connects the firm to potential clients themselves.


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Establishing Credibility and Trust with Potential Clients 

As with any business, building both credibility and trust is the only way to expand your presence online.  Both take time and effort while trying to stay updated and competitive.  The major benefits of marketing your legal content online are that you maintain contact with outside consumers and potential clients, and provide useful content for search engines to rank your business in online search results.

Textbroker Content Writers Make it Easy 

We stand behind our customer service and highly trust our team of writers.  When you decide to work with us, you will save time on researching and developing your own content.  This is because our experts have the background and knowledge to write your legal copy.  Just a quick brief is all that’s needed for writers to start drafting creative ideas and keyword research.

Your Content Will Contain Legal Knowledge Optimized for SEO 

Relying on an attorney to produce online searchable content can be disastrous.  Many do not know how to format for SEO or how to select the best keywords for top page ranking.  This will lead to poor performance within the search engines, and minimal traffic to your website.

Rest assured, our expert writers have legal industry and SEO knowledge to provide top rated content.  This content will be built to boost your rank with search engines and increase your online visibility.

Your law firm deserves exceptional content.  Hiring a professional content writer is a great way to bring your firm or legal service to a new level.

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