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Learning Content Strategy from Top Brands

In our blog we regularly offer you tidbits of content marketing info to whet your appetites for your own campaigns. This time, we are presenting the strategy and the content of a small, medium and large-sized company. On top of that, we’ve included a quick bonus idea for each to take with you.


Rewe: Hungry for Something New

The Rewe group is known above all for their supermarket chain. According to their own figures, in 2012 the grocery and tourism company employed 327,000 people in 13 European nations and turned over around 50 billion euros in 15,500 markets. As a successful business with a corresponding marketing budget, Rewe is also involved in content marketing.

The company produces content for, among other things, its own newspaper and radio show and puts on special promotions, such as the WWF (World Wide Fund for nature) sticker book, which was published in recent years and proved to be a huge marketing success. Recently, though, the Rewe group began a new campaign entitled “Stay Hungry for Something New” and, alongside standard advertising methods such as posters and a series of commercials, created a special online presentation.

The Content Marketing Idea: Fresher, Bolder Content – From the Users for the User

The highlight and the actual content marketing aspect of the “Stay Hungry for Something New” campaign is the website. Eight well-known food bloggers are responsible for providing the website with fresh, new content. Rewe is not just relying on posting simple recipes, however, but rather are allowing each individual blogger to produce different content and incorporate various social networks as well. For example, Christine Neder of came up with a dish using 10 ingredients chosen by her Facebook fans, filmed the preparation and then shared it on YouTube. David Kosock of, on the other hand, describes how his lunch was inspired by Instagram.

All entries on the site are meant to reflect the site’s new, unique look and also try to inspire the user to look at food products creatively. In this way, the consumer can discover new ideas and new products, creating a highly effective purchasing incentive. Here are a few examples: “Today, I’ll make a dessert out of vegetables only” or “Today, I’ll prepare a dish that looks like a horror film.”

The use of bloggers fits in well with the campaign’s concept: The Rewe group is allowing young, creative people to produce content with the advantage being that these bloggers, despite their closeness to consumers, are able to explore original ideas without losing authenticity.

What You Can Learn from Them

Even though the classic content marketing ideas of helpful content for the user remain central to the Rewe campaign, the implementation is impressive nevertheless as the use of well-known bloggers allows for plenty of room to maneuver with regard to content production and also lends more authenticity than an agency or other service would. Another pleasant side-effect of this method is that the bloggers bring their own existing audiences with them and therefore also a certain degree of reach.

The critical lessons of the campaign: 1. Consider which channels and which producers you will use to disseminate your content. You can gather a lot of bonus points for coming across as authentic. 2. Gather creative people, even if you are yourself creative. New heads lead to new ideas, and  your team may also bring their own personal networks along for the ride. 3. As always, provide your audience with creative, innovative and interesting content that offers new ways of looking at things.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Since 1912, this insurance company has helped people to live safe, more secure lives, so says the on the Liberty Mutual Insurance website in any case. Even when this company’s underlying motives are almost certainly not of an entirely altruistic nature, the image of a protector and savior is nevertheless a pervasive theme throughout the company. Worldwide, more than 50,000 employees in 900 offices work to achieve Liberty Mutual’s mission as well as to maintain this image. Apparently with success: The insurance giant is 81st on the Fortune 500 list of the largest U.S. corporations based on 2012 revenue, and by means of extensive content marketing, they’ve ben equally successful in crafting a positive image of themselves.

The Content Marketing Idea

Liberty Mutual Insurance has created a project called “The Responsibility Project” as a way to demonstrate their engagement in social responsibilities. At, the company shows how important it is to take care of your fellow human beings as well as the planet, what kind of possibilities exist in order to make the world just a little bit better and, of course, which of these the company itself is involved in. Really just a normal corporate social responsibility campaign, it is nevertheless one with very good, interesting, emotionally-laden and helpful content.

The page has been given an appealing look, filled with multi-media content and is accompanied by social networks and partner websites. Among other things, the project has its own Facebook fan page with over 117,000 likes and a YouTube channel along with a sub-page on NBC. Even in its self-produced (and award-winning) short films, the insurance company depicts its vision of social engagement.
The idea behind this is clear: Appeal to the empathy of the user, emotionalize through good story-telling and, in doing so, win the sympathy of the masses. This allows for a positive company image to be promoted, which in the end increases the sales figures.

User generated content example from top braands

What You Can Learn from Them

Do good, and then talk about it. Even when an insurance company with open ambitions to improve the world might seem contradictory, the idea behind it is actually both very good and highly effective. After all, society needs role models – and the world can never have too many good deeds being performed.

Create a win-win situation by doing good things for other people and share that with your users in a helpful manner. This has many advantages: You are able to make a difference, your reputation will improve and you may become an example for others. Large businesses have already recognized this potential: Even Google is pushing in exactly this direction with its new ad spots, which depicts stories of people doing incredible things, such as a couple providing flood aid to its community and a man who hunts for meteorites.

But as a caution, be sure to keep any promises you makes – otherwise, a Social Responsibility Campaign can easily go wrong, causing a lot of damage.

Marketing Tip to Go: Who Made It?

Our quick tip to go is an old trick to be sure, but it’s useful as a cautionary tale because whether the cult game “Crazy Chicken” was a grandiose, successful content marketing campaign from Johnnie Walker remains in dispute.

Many people, in addition to a study, have come to believe that the Whiskey producer certainly did manage to create the viral hit but nevertheless could not allow its name to be associated with it. Even today, many users still don’t know whether the game they’ve been playing so much was actually published by Johnnie Walker.

Even when the user is the priority in content marketing, and a certain “selflessness” is certainly assumed in advertisement, it’s still only useful to the business if the content’s relationship to the creator is clear. Our tip to go, therefore, is this: Don’t forget yourself. Absolutely, do put yourself second, but be sure let your customers know, often enough and wherever appropriate, exactly whose content it is.

Content marketing example that went viral

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