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Location Based Content Marketing

With mobile devices rapidly overtaking laptops and desktops as a means for potential customers to access the Internet, more and more content marketers are focusing on mobile content. Still, as the high bounce rate for mobile users shows, there are unique challenges involved in getting conversions out of that massive pool of traffic. You may get plenty of mobile users to visit your site, but as the average user only spends about five seconds on any given site, that’s not enough to get a sale.

As with all things in the world of content marketing, the key to success is to get at your target customer’s intent. Mobile customers often search on the go. They’re looking for immediate, relevant content not general information. They’re thinking locally.

That’s where location-based content marketing comes in.

Put simply, location-based marketing is a content marketing method that makes the user’s location a trigger for content. If you run a brick-and-mortar business, it’s easy to see why this is important; after all, mobile visitors from Arizona will do you little good if your store is in Georgia. Even for online retailers and national companies, though, there are plenty of untapped possibilities in location-based marketing. Use it to expand into new markets or to more effectively target high-value customers.

Most consumers are looking for content that specifically meets their individual needs, and local content fits that bill perfectly. Incorporate the unique aspects of your city or region into your content as much as possible, and you’ll build stronger relationships with your customers.

A location-based approach dovetails with social media marketing through platforms like Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places. You’ll need to do some market research to find your target customers’ preferred platform, and then familiarize yourself with that platform and produce informative content in that style.

Remember, mobile users have short attention spans, and it’s easy to get frustrated and move on when typing on a smartphone. Combat the high bounce rate by making your location-based opt-in process as easy as possible.

While location-based users are often just looking for entertainment, very few people will pass up value when they see it. When creating location-based special offers, prioritize the people who most frequently check in at a given location. Customers also love to know they’re getting the best price, so include app-based, in-store price comparisons to meet that need.

Location-based marketing isn’t just an untapped resource; it’s an absolute necessity for many businesses. No matter how global your plans are, thinking locally will be a worthy addition to your content marketing strategy.

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