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Make Your Content Magnetic

Everyone on the web has something to say. Even your grandmother has a Facebook page with followers who pay attention and engage. In this worldwide websphere of endless information, how can you make your content stand out? Even more importantly, how can you attract and engage your audience?

Everyone on the web has something to say. Even your grandmother has a Facebook page with followers who pay attention and engage. In this worldwide websphere of endless information, how can you make your content stand out? Even more importantly, how can you attract and engage your audience?

Below are some easy ways to make your content magnetic, to grow your audience.

Create quality content people enjoy

Of course, your first step in making your content magnetic is to create quality information people find interesting. You want them to enjoy what you present enough that they believe it, like it and share it. Remember that your content must hold value for your audience and is not all about self-promotion. Use a voice they understand and relate to, and don’t be afraid to add some humor where appropriate. Attract, build and keep your audience.

Be purpose-driven

Whatever the purpose of your content, stick to it. Decide first how you fit a particular niche and develop a strategy for that niche. Then, make sure you develop your content to meet your strategic goals while sparking conversation, establishing your brand as expert and delivering value to your audience. Without value to the audience, your efforts will remain unseen.

Leverage social media power

Social media can seem overwhelming when you are marketing content. But it is really pretty simple. Start by ensuring you have “share” and “like” buttons on every blog post, video, infographic and page you produce. At the very least, include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google+ and StumbleUpon. Make it easy for people to share what you produce.

Kick off social media sharing by posting your content to your own social networks. After all, if you will not post and share your work, who will? Ensure you assign appropriate hashtags for greater visibility. Just keep the tags to a healthy minimum; don’t overdo it. Aim for quality hashtags, versus quantity.

After posting, listen to what your own audience says. If no one makes a peep about your content on your social media channels, think about ways to add value and spark engagement in future content. Use your social media accounts as pseudo focus groups toward content improvement. Learn what works and what falls flat into silence.

Make your content SEO friendly

Get to know Google and what search tactics work today. These tactics change regularly, particularly as Google changes its search algorithms. Do not be afraid to get a little geeky about it and educate yourself on search friendliness. Develop minimum standards that match Google’s main SEO points and you will be well on your way to magnetism. Stay up to date on Google, and do not expect what worked last year to work today.

Use apps and tools that make your work easier

“There’s an app for that.” If there are apps available to streamline your work, use them. If you have a need for content development or marketing, you can pretty much assume there is an app for it.

A good example is Yoast SEO for WordPress. If you use the WordPress platform, Yoast SEO provides a free app to “green light” your content quality according to Google standards. Today’s Yoast checks for active voice, image tags, keywords, transition words and other critical SEO needs.

Hootsuite and Buffer are other great examples of apps designed to make content more magnetic. These apps streamline social media posting, engagement and other activities. You spend less time posting, clicking and logging into accounts, more time working on your next great post.

Engage with others

Everyone who posts content on the web wants that content to be seen. Engage with other experts, brands and marketers on what they post. Drive traffic to their content by sharing and recommending what suits your brand’s style. Ask to provide other sites with guest posts. All of these actions encourage others to do the same for you and drives traffic back to your site.

Engage in conversations on your own postings, too. Allow people to leave comments. Be prepared for negative mixed in with positive and maintain a thick skin when reading. If negative comments are made, take some of what they say into consideration for improvements. Remember to remain professional according to your brand standards and voice, not letting negative mentions bait you into unproductive exchanges.

Follow a regular schedule of content delivery

Once you start engaging people with your content, keep the conversations going. Develop a regular schedule for blogs, videos, social media posts and other deliveries. Remember that people gain comfort from consistency, and the same is true of search engines. If you go silent, your audience and referrers will too.

Put some money where your content is

There is a multitude of low-cost ways to get the word out about your content. If Google AdWords or paid search intimidate you at first, try some easier methods while you learn your way around pay-per-click.

StumbleUpon attracts visitors to your posts for pennies and can provide “new eyes” on a tight budget. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networking sites do the same. Pick one or more channels and play with a low budget. Get to know what works and expand your reach and budget over time.

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Remember this, hone your talents and maintain consistency. Enjoy your successes, learn from mistakes, pay attention to trends and keep working it. Your efforts will pay off.

More than anything, do not stress in the first days of your content delivery. Relax. Do what you do best and in time, some of your audience will follow as your content builds. Add some of the simple tricks listed above to amplify your reach. Then, as your toolbox of content marketing expands, so will your voice.


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