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Making money with Textbroker during the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this Covid-19 Pandemic, it is possible to work from home and make money.

Learn the best way to making money during the coronavirus pandemic

As American life has screeched to a halt, experts predict that the economy is headed for a coronavirus-linked recession that could result in the loss of millions of jobs. If you end up being stuck at home during this crisis, making money during the coronavirus pandemic is essential. Thanks to Textbroker, making money while practicing social distancing at home is not as difficult as you might think.

How to earn money during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic

Businesses across the U.S. are shuttering their doors, and there is a real potential for mass job losses. As the disease spreads, more people will also be ordered into quarantine and will be stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you are fired or laid off from your job or remain at home for social distancing purposes, you will still need to figure out how to earn money during the coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis. Joining Textbroker can allow you to get freelance work during a coronavirus shutdown. It can also provide you with a side gig during the coronavirus outbreak to supplement your existing income if you can continue working at your regular job.

How to sign up to make extra money online with Textbroker

Textbroker is an online platform through which freelance authors can connect with content buyers to write blogs, product reviews, white papers, and other types of content. To apply to be a writer on the Textbroker platform, you must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent U.S. resident aged 18 or older. Before you can get started with freelance work during the coronavirus shutdown with Textbroker, you will need to complete the application by clicking on the sign-up button on the homepage and choosing to register for free as an author.

To sign up, you must fill out some basic information and choose your areas of expertise. You should choose as many categories as possible. Your areas of expertise are the subjects that you would feel comfortable writing about. Through Textbroker, clients can search for authors based on the categories that those authors have chosen.

Once you have submitted your information, you will be asked to write a short sample. Take your time when you write this article, and make sure to follow the grammar rules that are contained in the AP Stylebook. There are free resources online if you are unsure of the rules of AP style. It is the style that is used by journalists in most major newspapers and online content. After you have written your article sample, make sure to proofread it before you submit it. This article will be rated by the Textbroker editors, and your rating will determine the articles that will be available to you.

You must sign up for Payoneer through the Textbroker platform and submit a W-9 form. This is to ensure that you are legally authorized to work in the U.S. Payoneer transfers payments from Textbroker directly to your bank account when you choose to receive payouts. Textbroker pays once or twice per week, depending on what you choose. If you have $10 or more in your account, you can request a payout and receive money on Mondays, Thursdays, or both. However, if you choose to be paid a second time during the week, a $1 processing fee will be applied. The first payout of the week is free.

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Making money during the Coronavirus Pandemic through Textbroker

After you have signed up for Textbroker and have been assigned a rating, you will be able to get started working from home during self-isolation. Textbroker offers OpenOrders that any author can choose at their rating level, TeamOrders that are available to writers who have applied and been accepted to teams, and DirectOrders that are sent directly from clients to their favorite authors.

To learn how to make money working from home with Textbroker, start by looking at the articles that are available in the pool of OpenOrders at your author rating level. Your rating determines which articles you can see and the amount that you will be paid per word. The ratings range from two to five stars, and the higher star levels earn the most money per word. You can select articles at your star level or below.

When you select a job, you will have a deadline by which to complete it. Most articles in the OpenOrder pool have deadlines of 24 hours, but they can be longer or shorter. Pay attention to the deadline to ensure you complete your article on time.

Be careful when you write your first five articles. Textbroker will rate you again once your clients have accepted the first five articles you write. Even if you were initially rated at two or three stars on your initial sample, you could receive a four-star rating after your first five articles are completed.

There are many more opportunities to make money with side jobs during the coronavirus outbreak at the four-star level. Reaching a rating of five stars will require you to pass an additional test and to write and submit many nearly flawless articles. However, four-star authors on Textbroker will have access to many more teams that pay more than the open-order rate.

How to make money working from home with TeamOrders

Once you have your footing as a writer on the Textbroker platform, you should apply to write TeamOrders. These are orders that are offered to select groups of writers and are not available to people who are not members of those teams. TeamOrders typically pay more than the OpenOrder rates.

Teams include casting call teams and managed teams. You can find casting call teams by clicking on the assignments tab and then the TeamOrders tab. You can search the casting call teams by date to see the newest teams, which are more likely to have available orders. The newest teams can also be found on the last page of team listings. Casting call teams are established by the clients, and the clients set the pricing and manage them independently.

Managed teams are created and run by Textbroker on a client’s behalf. These teams often have hundreds or thousands of articles available, and they tend to pay more than the casting call teams or OpenOrders. Some managed teams are listed in the casting call team listings, and you can identify them by the orange star that appears next to their names. You can also email Textbroker to ask for an invitation to manage teams at [email protected].

In addition to earning more money with managed teams while working from home during self-isolation, managed TeamOrders can be easier to write. Orders on a managed team will use the same instructions for all of the orders. Once you understand the instructions, these orders can be much faster to write. It can take longer for managed TeamOrders to be accepted than OpenOrders or DirectOrders. However, if you plan your workload well, you can earn money on an ongoing basis with TeamOrders.

Making money while practicing social distancing by getting DirectOrders

The key to making money during the Coronavirus Pandemic is by attracting DirectOrders from clients. You can set your DirectOrder rate, and you should set yours at the amount you believe your writing is worth. It takes time to get DirectOrders, but there are some steps that you can take to drive up your DirectOrder business.

When you write OpenOrders, the clients can rate what you write. The client’s rating does not affect your Textbroker rating. However, it can indicate when a client loves your work, or identify areas of improvement. Not every client will rate your articles. However, you should check the ratings for those that do as they can be helpful in sharpening your writing skills. You can find client ratings on your statistics tab. Articles that have been rated by clients will have a “CL” next to the article listing. Click on the “CL” to see the rating.

Whenever a client gives you an excellent rating, send a message to the client thanking him or her for the rating. Let the client know that you are available for DirectOrders. While this does not always work, it should work with some clients. This can help you to begin building your DirectOrder client base at the rate that you set.

Another way to attract DirectOrders is by completing your author profile. When clients search for an author to work with, they use an Author Search feature that allows them to search by quality level, interests, and keywords. Ensure you include as much information as possible about your experience and interests in your profile, along with several samples of your writing. Try to get your author profile as close as possible to 100% complete.

The coronavirus pandemic is frightening, and it has the potential to change many aspects of life during the upcoming months. If you lose your job or are forced to stay home during the outbreak, you can still earn money through a side gig with Textbroker. Many Textbroker authors have earned sizable incomes for years, and you can build your business as a freelancer by joining their ranks.

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