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ManagedTeams: How Do I Get Invited to Teams?

How to get invited to teams

Whether it’s a Casting Call team or an Invite-Only team, the best sign that a team is active is an invitation in your inbox. Whenever a new client places ManagedTeams orders, Author Services manually adds authors to write the orders. So how can you make sure your name is on our shortlist when we’re looking for authors?


Remain Active

When we perform our initial author search, we’re usually looking at a project with an upcoming deadline. To deliver orders to the client in a timely manner, we look for consistent and active authors to add to these teams. If you haven’t written an order in three months, it’s very unlikely you’ll be invited to a hot new team. If you’re an active author, however, you’ll find yourself receiving more team invitations. This means when TeamOrders are slow, you might want to consider periodically picking up an OpenOrder or two just to maintain your active status.


Write What You Know

This helps you in two ways: client relationships and author tags. When a repeat client has a new project, or when a new client has a project similar to a project from the past, the first place Author Services often looks for authors is previous teams. For example, if you’ve written product descriptions for a previous project and received positive client feedback, you’re much more likely to get invited to similar teams in the future. Writing for teams where topics are of personal or professional interest to you  makes future team invitations even more likely.


Second, writing quality orders about a specific set of topics close to your own heart helps you gain author tags. Author tags are applied by Author Services or Quality Assurance editors when an author demonstrates strong knowledge or ability in a certain field. Some author tags include leisure, travel, and technology. By demonstrating a strong ability to write OpenOrders or TeamOrders on certain topics, you’ll be more likely to be invited to ManagedTeams in the future.


Thorough Author Profile

Another way Author Services finds authors with specific areas of expertise is through the profile search. Having a complete author profile will help us find you when we need you! For example, if a client were looking for descriptions of cameras and lenses, we would search for authors whose profiles contained experience in photography, technology, photo editing or graphic design.


Keep in touch with Author Services

If you’ve done work for a particular team and really enjoyed it, please let us know! We’re always looking for interested and consistent writers for ManagedTeams. Additionally, if you’ve written for a client and found the instructions confusing or the briefing difficult, please tell us. Author feedback helps us make orders as approachable as possible. Authors feel comfortable writing them, and we get them returned to the client faster. Everyone wins! You can reach us at [email protected], and we’ll usually respond within a business day.



There are a lot of great opportunities in the world of ManagedTeams. If you’re interested in more specialized writing or working closely with a client, consider trying some of the above steps! It’s easier to get invited than you might think.

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